Do Love and Joe Get Caught in You Season 3?

‘You’ follows the romantic adventures of Joe Goldberg as he searches for the perfect partner while murdering anyone that stands in his way. Joe is not the only one killing in season 3, and his wife Love turns out to be equally adept at violence. In fact, even Joe is taken aback when he finds out just how easily murder comes to his wife and briefly considers slaying her. However, he decides against it when Love reveals she’s pregnant and the two attempt to start a new life in San Francisco.

As with Joe, his wife finds it difficult to contain her murderous proclivities and soon kills their neighbor. In true form, both husband and wife continue to add to their body count while also frantically trying to hide their crimes. They’ve both had some close calls, so does one of them eventually get caught in ‘You’ season 3? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Love and Joe Get Caught?

Love and Joe have a history of avoiding detection that goes back to season 2. After committing multiple murders in Los Angeles, the two move to San Francisco after the crimes are pinned on Love’s troubled recently killed brother Forty. This is a strategy that Joe also uses in season 1 in New York when he pins the murder of his former girlfriend, Guinivere Beck, on her therapist and moves to Los Angeles.

The couple finds themselves in hot water very early in season 3 when Love impulsively kills their neighbor Natalie out of jealousy. Things get messier when the killer realizes she has no good alibi and leaves Joe to deal with the dead body while she heads back home. Natalie’s murder comes back to haunt both Joe and Love repeatedly as they find out that their murdered neighbor wore a health-tracking ring that then has to be retrieved from her corpse.

When Natalie’s grieving husband launches his own investigation into his wife’s murder, it seems once again that he might catch Joe. However, the central killer couple narrowly avoids detection even as they hold another man, Gil, hostage. Eventually, they pin Natalie’s murder on Gil and resume their “normal” lives.

The peace is shattered once again when Joe finds a new muse, Merienne, and stabs her abusive ex-husband Ryan. By now, the vengeful Love has also realized that Joe means to leave her and plans to reveal his murderous habits to Merienne. Fortunately for Joe, his newest obsession doesn’t report his murders and instead chooses to break contact with him and disappear.

Eventually, Joe and Love are left to contend with each other. After spending most of the season protecting each other from getting caught, the two finally realize that they are each other’s biggest weakness. Hence, the season 3 finale hinges not on the two getting caught but a fight to the death between them. Eventually, Joe kills Love and escapes while also making it seem like he perished in a fire with her. Hence, our hero not only escapes capture but also successfully fakes his death, once again getting a fresh start. His wife, Love, is not as lucky and, though she doesn’t get caught, she does get murdered by her husband.

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