Do Magne and Signy End Up Together in Ragnarok Season 3?

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Netflix’s ‘Ragnarok’ follows the story of Magne, who discovers that he is the modern reincarnation of Thor and his purpose is to lead the war against the Giants. Over the course of three seasons, Magne discovers the extent of his powers while finding out more about the Giants, who are the owners of one of the biggest corporations in Norway. He also crosses paths with other Gods who help him fight the war.

While he might have the responsibility of saving the world, Magne is also a teenager who makes mistakes and falls in love. In the second season, he has a crush on a girl named Signy. They connect over the protests against Jutul Industries after it is revealed that they have poisoned the water of Edda, making it unfit for consumption. In the third season, Magne goes through a turbulent character arc, which affects his relationship with Signy. What happens to them at the end? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Do Magne and Signy End Up Together?

Image Credit: Øystein Fyxe/Netflix

Magne and Signy had been classmates, but they started to notice each other in the second season. While Magne is busy trying to build the hammer that could help him in the fight against the Giants, Signy stands up against the Jutuls by organizing and participating in protests against them. She liked Magne because he was one of the first people, like Isolde, who drew attention to the malpractices of Jutul Industries. Unbeknownst to her, he is involved in a battle with the Giants. To her, however, he appears to be a politically active teenager who cares about justice.

In the third season, Magne and Signy start dating each other. By this time, Magne has the hammer, but he has kept it aside due to a truce with the Jutuls. He has promised not to use the hammer, while they have promised not to bother him or his family anymore. Magne continues to fight through human means. He tries to build a legal case against Jutul Industries, but they continue to win. When they kill one of the witnesses who would have spoken against them, Magne gets angry and threatens the Jutuls with the hammer. He realizes that the hammier gives him power over them, and he no longer needs to be scared.

While the hammer makes Magne feel invincible, it also corrupts him. All this power gets to his head, and he starts doing whatever he wants and takes the people who love him for granted. To please him, the Jutuls give him whatever he wants. Ran gives him perfect grades, even though he doesn’t deserve them. No one understands why he got it, and when Signy points out that it’s unfair that he should have the grades he doesn’t deserve, he gets angry.

Image Credit: Christian Geisnaes / Netflix

The argument leads them to take a break from the relationship. Saxa takes this opportunity to get close to Magne, and they start dating. Being with Saxa spoils Magne even more. Seeing how much he has changed in the past few weeks, Signy wonders if this is what Magne was all along. He is dating the girl from the family he had been against all this time. He is taking her money to get himself expensive clothes and other stuff. He has become the very thing he was fighting.

Eventually, Magne realizes the error of his ways. In the final war against the Giants, he relinquishes his hammer, and the Giants give up their old weapons. With the weapons of both their destruction gone, they find a common ground and make peace with each other. With the hammer gone, Magne goes back to being to himself. He is sorry for the way he treated Signy and apologizes to her.

After giving it a lot of thought, Signy agrees to be with Magne if he does better in the future. She knows that none of them is perfect, but she wants both of them to do their best not to hurt each other. Magne, who has had a vision of Ragnarok and has seen the whole world turn to ashes, falls to his knees in front of Signy. She takes it as a sign of him being sorry and promising to do better, so she gives him another chance. In the end, they settle their differences and end up together.

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