Enjoyed Ragnarok? Here Are 7 Show You Will Also Like

Norse mythology rampantly entered popular culture after MCU made a series of films based on characters from the same, with the most popular one being Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth. While the MCU films mainly deal with the Norse gods, the Netflix series ‘Ragnarok’ uses Norse legends as a backdrop for its teen fantasy story.

The series is set in a town called Edda, where the arrival of two teenage brothers has become a major talking point for the adults. It might be because at least one of the brothers allegedly possesses superpowers. Edda is a town which is regarded as a battleground where the Norse gods faced off against certain giants. With rampant climate change affecting Edda in strange ways, the townsfolk begin to suggest another such battle will soon be fought here.

‘Ragnarok’ is more interested in drama and romantic relationships of its characters, than the fantasy and action elements we usually associate such shows with. If you have enjoyed watching ‘Ragnarok’, here are similar shows you might want to check out.

7. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)

Buffy Summers is a high school girl who has been sent to the earth in order to keep away all the dark forces that might be eager to cause any sort of harm to the planet or its people. However, Buffy is not in the fight all alone, and alongside her, she has her group of teenage friends who are together called the Scooby Gang.

Besides depicting how this gang goes around protecting the earth, the show also concentrates on their personal lives. The deep subtextual layers of the show have often become the grounds of serious academic research and interpretation.

6. Emerald City (2017)

Up next is a show whose characters you might know from the hugely popular 1939 film, ‘The Wizard Of Oz’. Dorothy Gale, the leading character of the film, also appears in this series but is older than what she is in the film. After a storm transports Dorothy to the magical Emerald City, we see her being taken to the most powerful wizard in the world, Oz.

Little does Dorothy know that she is here to fulfill a prophecy that would change the world forever. Except for its production design, ‘Emerald City’ does not work in any other way. Neither the story nor the special effects manage to make much of an impact.

5. Riverdale (2017-)

The 2017 CW TV show ‘Riverdale‘ is based on the famous Archie comic book series which was first published way back in 1942. The central character of the series is a young teenager called Archie Andrews. The series revolves around Archie and the relationships that he shares with his friends.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating the brutal murder of a young boy which has left the entire town of Riverdale in a shock. Although ‘Riverdale’ does not boast of any supernatural elements, it is a powerful story centered around teenagers in a similar vein with ‘Ragnarok’.

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4. Witches Of East End (2013-2014)

A similarly-titled book by Melissa de la Cruz is the inspiration behind this Netflix original series. ‘Witches of East End’ centers around the Beauchamp family, where all the women are witches. Members of the family include Joanna, her sister Wendy, and Joanna’s two daughters Ingrid and Freya.

The two daughters are, at first, not aware of their powers but slowly come to realize their true identities as they grow older. The series might be a bit campy for some, but there can be no denying that it has drama, humor, and some strong characters- the essential elements needed to make a series popular with the audiences.

3. The Secret Circle (2011-2012)

Cassie Blake is the central character of this CW TV show inspired by the similarly-titled book series by L. J. Smith. After the death of her mother, Cassie starts living with her grandmother in a new town. Here, she comes across five friends from her new school who change her life forever.

They inform Cassie that she is a witch and possesses supernatural powers just like them. Although she initially refuses to believe this theory, Cassie soon gets convinced after discovering a book left for her by her mother. Although ‘The Secret Circle’ deals with a supernatural story, it still manages to be very sensitive about teenage emotions and the nuances of adolescent life.

2. The Magicians (2015-)

If you were only aware of Hogwarts as a school of magic, get ready to be introduced to Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy, where the central character of ‘The Magicians‘, Quentin Coldwater, enrolls himself. Quentin was always fascinated by magic, but once at the university, he realizes that certain elements of this magical world are quite harmful to the human population.

Meanwhile, his friend Julia is not allowed admission at the university, prompting her to go look for magical teachings elsewhere. Although the premise of the series is not that great, it slowly gains momentum as the narrative progresses. The special effects used are quite impressive as well.

1. Good Omens (2019)

Good Omens‘ is an Amazon Prime original series centering around the adventures of an angel and a demon, both of whom have been sent to the earth in order to look for the Antichrist.

It has been predicted that the Antichrist will bring down Armageddon on the earth, and it can only be stopped if he is found as fast as possible. The chemistry between Crowley (David Tennant) and Aziraphale (Michael Sheen), the two central characters, is definitely the most enjoyable aspect of ‘Good Omens’.

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