Do Sam and Robby End up Together in Cobra Kai Season 4? [Spoiler]

With teen romance being one of the prevalent themes of ‘Cobra Kai,’ the relationship dynamics between the four main young adult characters are quite complex. Robby (Tanner Buchanan) and Sam (Mary Mouser) initially grow close while training under Daniel in season 2. But then, Miguel walks back into Sam’s life, and Robbie ends up in juvie after what happened at the school brawl. When he finally gets out, Robby is much more mature, pragmatic, and disillusioned. He joins Cobra Kai not necessarily to seek revenge against Johnny, Daniel, or Sam but to use the dojo to win the upcoming All-Valley Championship. Meanwhile, Sam seems somewhat remorseful about how things ended between them. If you are wondering whether Sam and Robby end up together in ‘Cobra Kai’ season 4, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Sam and Robby End up Together?

In season 4, Sam and Robby don’t have any scenes dedicated only to them, but it seems both have moved on. When season 4 begins, Sam is in a relationship with Miguel, while Robby becomes interested in Tory. Moreover, they are too busy with their own lives to focus on anything beyond their immediate vicinity, including each other. Robby becomes a mentor to Kenny, the younger brother of Shawn, Robby’s enemy turned friend from juvie. He learns that Kenny suffers severe bullying at school at the hands of Sam’s brother Anthony and his friends.

After Hawk and other students of Miyagi-Do/Eagle Fang Karate bully Kenny, Robby decides to act. He knows that he can’t attack Hawk as his senseis explicitly told him and other students of Cobra Kai that they must not fight their opponents before the All-Valley Tournament. So, one day, they trap Hawk in a tattoo parlor and shave off his mohawk.

Meanwhile, Sam feels that her father’s defensive style of karate isn’t adequate to defeat Tory and Cobra Kai and makes the best use of the merger between their and Johnny’s dojos. Even after the dojos split, she continues to train with Johnny. The sole instance of actual interaction between these two characters in season 4 takes place during the prom. Robby doesn’t attend school anymore since the brawl, but he accompanies Tory to the prom where they inevitably run into Sam and Miguel. A fight breaks out, and everyone except Robby ends up in the swimming pool. Shortly after, Tory pools Robbie down into the pool as well. Robby and Tory later share a kiss and begin a relationship.

By the end of the season, a horrified Robby discovers the negative impact he and Cobra Kai have on Kenny and decides to reconcile with his father. On the other hand, Sam deals with probably the lowest point in her life after being defeated by Tory. So, no, Robby and Sam don’t end up together in ‘Cobra Kai’ season 4.

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