Do Semih and Defne End Up Together in Don’t Leave? What Does the End-Credits Scene Mean?

Netflix’s romance drama film ‘Don’t Leave’ tells the story of Semih (Burak Deniz) and Defne (Dilan Çiçek Denizb), two very unlikely people to fall in love with each other. The film doesn’t have a linear narrative. It shifts back and forth between the past and present, with the timelines being distinguished by Semih’s hair color. The film begins with Defne abruptly leaving her boyfriend of six years, prompting Semih to spend most of the movie trying to figure out why she suddenly deserted him. If you are wondering whether Semih and Defne end up together at the end of ‘Don’t Leave,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Semih and Defne’s Fate in Don’t Leave

No, by the end of the film, Semih and Defne don’t end up together. The film begins with Semih learning that his calls aren’t going through to Defne. Furious, he throws the phone against the wall and spends the rest of the movie trying to find excuses about what happened to his phone. He visits the local nightclub, Dante, the very place where he and Dafne first met, vividly recalling every moment of that night. They spotted each other from across the room, but Defne became angry when he suddenly kissed her out of nowhere. She called him arrogant, and he asked for her name, and amid all that, a relationship started to take shape.

Semih and Defne are two very different people. Semih Is wild, free-spirited, self-assured, and chaotic, while Defne is reserved, quiet, and reclusive. It seems that a part of her was afraid that Semih would become bored of her and leave. Ironically, she was the one who became exhausted by his antics. Although Semih wasn’t willing to acknowledge it, the people close to the couple were quite aware that they were heading for a break-up and pretty much tells him this after she ends things.

Semih seems to have been stunned by the suddenness of the break-up. He feels that she completely blindsided him with this. However, as he begins to scrutinize the relationship, he realizes that the split was indeed inevitable. He and Defne were too different from each other — two people with a completely different outlooks in life. Semih is an artist, and he thrives on big gestures of love. In contrast, Defne is all about the quieter moments in life. After her grandmother’s death, Semih refused to be present at her funeral, even though the woman adored him. Instead, he decided to tag along on her work trip.

They meet one last time before parting ways for good, and Semiah asks Defne for her reasons. Apparently, they had a similar conversation the night before, but Semih was so drunk that he doesn’t remember. In those last few months, their relationship became tragically imbalanced. It was all about Semih, and Defne could no longer find herself in the relationship and was afraid that her identity and self-worth were being eroded. And this was why she ended things. Her uncle had offered her a job in Hanover. When she told Semih about this, he made it pretty clear to her that she could go to Germany if she wanted, but he would not be leaving Turkey. When Semiah learns that Defne has done just that, it still somehow surprises him.

What Is the Meaning of the End-Credits Scene?

As the credits start rolling, Defne and Semih run into each other when she returns home from Germany. Semih now has a dog, and he and Defne are far more cordial than the last time they saw each other. It’s a brief meeting, and nothing will probably come out of it. Their roads have forked apart for good. But this beautiful postscript of a scene, which is likely there to assure the audience that these two will be alright, does fill our collective heart with some hope. There is a remote chance that Defne and Semih, having learned from past mistakes, decide to give the relationship another try.

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