Do Sherry and Cary Die in You Season 3?

‘You’ follows romantic serial killer Joe Goldberg as he falls in love with women and piles up dead bodies in his attempts to get close to them. Our hero has a particular affinity for toughened glass vaults, which he has used since season 1 to detain his victims as he figures out what to do with them.

In season 3, his wife, Love, becomes an equally enthusiastic fan of the sinister vault, which is relocated to the basement of her bakery. Out of its many unfortunate occupants, Sherry and Cary Conrad end up locked in the plexiglass cell with a particularly nasty dilemma— that one must shoot the other to get out alive. So which one of them dies? Or do they both perish? Let’s take a look at the fates of Sherry and Cary in ‘You’ season 3. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Sherry and Cary Die?

Sherry and Cary are a power couple that epitomize every shallow picture-perfect aspect of the idyllic neighborhood in which Joe and Love reside. Sherry is a catty social media queen and head of the “popular gang,” while Cary is the quintessential alpha male who also claims to be a feminist and believes in “hacking” everything (including his marriage) in order to be good at it. Trouble begins to brew when the couple invites Joe and Love to try out their swinging lifestyle, and a group lovemaking session between the four is arranged.

However, Love cannot stand the sight of her husband being intimate with Sherry and breaks down. In the argument that ensues, she reveals that she killed Natalie. Cary and Sherry, knowing they will be killed now that they know the secret, try to make a run for it but are captured and placed in the vault. In her frustration, Sherry blurts out that Joe is probably cheating on his wife. The incensed Love then leaves the imprisoned couple with a gun, saying that one of them must shoot the other in order to go free.

Tensions run high when a bullet fired by Cary accidentally grazes Sherry’s ear. Things get worse when she shoots him in the leg. Eventually, however, the two begin to talk and realize that their relationship is based on mutual respect and love. They also figure out that Joe and Love don’t trust each other and that one of them must have hidden a master key inside the vault. As Cary loses blood, his wife frantically turns all the shelves in the enclosure upside down. Finally, they discover the key and are able to get out.

The fact that either Joe or Love hid a key to the door inside the very same vault shows just how tenuous their relationship is. They both suspect that the other might try to hold them captive or even murder them (which, to be fair, does happen in the end) and have therefore prepared for that eventuality by hiding the key. However, this time around, that key helps Sherry and Cary escape with their lives.

In the closing scenes of season 3, we see that the couple has taken that experience and built a relationship advice empire on it. Apart from a hugely successful book, Sherry and Cary are seen holding seminars in packed halls where they’ve turned being locked together in a vault into a metaphor for relationship troubles. Far from being dead, the power couple seems to have come out ahead after going through the life-threatening experience.

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