Do Tory and Robby End Up Together in Cobra Kai Season 4?

Image Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/ Netflix

In the narrative of ‘Cobra Kai,’ young-adult romances are perhaps as important as a plot device as karate. Multiple love stories take place simultaneously, but none of them is more complex than the love quadrangle between the four main teenage characters — Robby (Tanner Buchanan), Tory (Peyton List), Sam (Mary Mouser), and Miguel (Xolo Maridueña). In the course of the series, they gravitate toward each other, only to repel later. And the process then starts all over again.

Robby and Tory have more things in common than they initially realize. At first, they are hostile to each other because of their loyalties to their respective dojos and the persons who are in their lives at the time. For Robby, it’s Sam. And for Tory, it’s Miguel. But when season 4 begins, they are both parts of Cobra Kai, and a relationship organically begins to develop between the two of them. If you are wondering whether Tory and Robby end up together in Cobra Kai 4, we got you covered.

Do Tory and Robby End Up Together?

Tory and Robby have a fascinating dynamic. Their relationship seems to be much more mature than any of their peers. It’s likely because both of them have experienced immense struggles in their lives and had to grow up pretty fast because of their circumstances. Both have abandonment issues when it comes to their father. Tory’s mother has kidney problems and undergoes dialysis treatment, placing the responsibility of their family, which includes Tory’s younger brother, on Tory’s shoulders. Season 4 reveals that Tory has an opportunistic aunt who seeks to exploit her sister and her children.

In season 4, she draws Amanda’s attention as the older woman discovers that there are similarities between her younger self and Tory. She decides to help the troubled girl, but it doesn’t go well when her daughter finds out. Eventually, Amanda manages to convince Sam to let Tory attend school.

Robby has suddenly become incredibly pragmatic in season 4. He decides to use Cobra Kai to get what he wants in his life but never really surrenders himself to their lessons. He also starts teaching his fellow students at Cobra Kai the things he has learned at Miyagi-Do, knowing that it will give their dojo a definitive advantage against their opponents. He also takes Kenny, the severely bullied younger brother of one of the friends he made at juvie, and later brings him into the Cobra Kai fold.

Although Robby no longer attends school, he goes to the prom with Tory. There, they have the time of their lives. They make both Miguel and Sam angry, frustrated, and jealous. While this reaction was the initial reason for their presence there, it ultimately becomes immaterial. They realize that they don’t care what effect they are having on Miguel and Sam. Later that evening, they share a kiss.

Tory and Robby end season 4 seemingly as a couple, but both seem to have become disillusioned with Cobra Kai. Robby finds out how much Kenny has changed for the worse because of him and Cobra Kai and later reconciles with his father, while Tory discovers that Terry Silver rigged her match with Sam. They have certain decisions to make in season 4, and they can each provide the support the other person needs in this tricky period of their lives.

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