Does Calvin Die in Lessons in Chemistry? [Spoiler]

In Apple TV+’s ‘Lessons in Chemistry,’ we find Elizabeth Zott, a brilliant scientist, always feeling like an outsider because she is underestimated by her colleagues and her superiors because she is a woman. No one sees her true potential until Calvin Evans arrives in her life. They’d been working at the Hastings Research Institute for a while, but their paths didn’t cross because Elizabeth was a lab tech, and Calvin was a celebrated scientist who preferred to work in solitary.

When their paths finally collide, they find a kindred spirit in each other. It feels like the beginning of something new for both of them, which is why it’s shocking to see the way the second episode of the show ends. What does it mean for Calvin? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Does Calvin Survive the Accident?

Calvin and Elizabeth’s first meeting puts them at odds as Calvin thinks she is a lowly secretary who stole a chemical from his lab, while she thinks Calvin is arrogant and rude and takes his privilege for granted. Eventually, he realizes his mistake, and she sees that he is not that bad a person. The more time they spend with each other, the more they realize how similar they are, especially when it comes to their love for science.

Despite falling deeply in love with each other, Calvin and Elizabeth don’t get married, mainly because she is not interested in that. Elizabeth knows that once she becomes Mrs. Evans, that will be her identity. Moreover, whatever scientific work she puts out will always have Calvin’s shadow over it. Everyone will think that he is the reason she is succeeding. Calvin understands this and doesn’t push her about it.

While they aren’t married, it still doesn’t stop them from being a family. As easily as they fall into a relationship with Elizabeth, he becomes familiar with her dog, Six Thirty. Elizabeth knows Calvin likes to run, so she gives him a leash as a Christmas present. With it, he can have Six Thirty as his companion for his runs. Calvin is excited about the idea. However, later, we see him walking Six Thirty around, and the dog doesn’t seem to have warmed up to the idea. Calvin probably should have taken a hint and tried to get his dog more comfortable with the leash, but soon after, we see him going on a run with the dog by his side.

At first, Six Thirty runs alongside Calvin and seemingly happily so, but when a turn arrives, they have to cross the road, where the dog starts to resist. He pulls at the leash, trying to get free and get away from the road. But Calvin tries to pull him forward, not realizing that he himself is on the road. After a brief tug of war where the dog and the man try to get the other one to submit, the leash breaks off the dog’s neck, and Calvin steps backward onto the road. Just then, a bus passes by and hits him.

As the helpless dog watches on, we hear voices in the distance as people try to help Calvin, but there is little hope for him. That hit was really hard, and it feels unlikely for Calvin to survive that. Looking back to the first episode, it seems his death was foreshadowed in the scene in which he is introduced. While running to Hastings, he almost gets in the way of the vehicle, narrowly escaping getting hit by it. In the final of Episode 2, however, he’s not so lucky. He gets hit by the bus and dies.

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