Does Henry Die in You Season 3?

Netflix’s ‘You’ follows the hopelessly romantic serial killer Joe, and season 3 finds him grudgingly moving into an idyllic neighborhood with his wife and their newborn son, Henry. As strange as it seems for a notorious murderer to also have a picture-perfect domestic life, Joe is able to keep his son far away from the messy, murderous adventures on which he and his wife embark. Henry’s life, however, does come into danger, and we get to see a completely different side of Joe as he grapples with an anxiety that he has never known before. Season 3 also closes with Joe seemingly on his own, without wife and child. So what happens to Henry in ‘You’ season 3? Does he die? Let’s find out.

Does Henry Die?

Of all the danger and bloodshed that Joe and Love court, their newborn son Henry’s life hangs by a thread for the most unexpected of reasons. As it turns out, the young boy is diagnosed with measles and begins to turn critical as his fever refuses to break. Joe, generally calm and collected even in life-threatening situations, finds himself numb and unable to move as he fears for the life of his child. This vulnerable version of our favorite serial killer gives us a glimpse of a completely different side of Joe.

To makes things worse, the father seems to have caught the infection from his son and begins to feel faint while snooping in his neighbor Matthew’s house. However, in the throes of his fever, Joe gets news that Henry has recovered and the child is saved. The tale doesn’t end there, as it is revealed that Henry got sick because he was not vaccinated. The man responsible for spreading anti-vaccination propaganda that resulted in the oversight eventually ends up in Joe’s iconic glass vault and is possibly one of the few victims that both Joe and Love want to kill. However, the man eventually hangs himself and gives the killer couple a convenient alibi for Natalie’s murder.

Unfortunately, young Henry’s problems do not end there, as season 3 does close with Joe separated from his wife and child. Though getting away from Love has been on Joe’s mind since season 2, he has always planned to run away with his son and start a new life together. Unfortunately, with the hasty escape Joe has to make after faking his own death, he is unable to take his son along. Henry is eventually adopted by Joe’s friend and former library colleague, Dante.

This is a particularly painful conclusion for our hero because he has consistently blamed his parents for being uncaring. Through flashbacks in season 3, we see how Joe was repeatedly abandoned by his mother as well as his favorite nurse from the foster home. Therefore, Joe is heartbroken to leave Henry behind and promises to return for him. He also leaves his son a letter the contents of which he refuses to discuss with the audience.

In the end, Henry survives and is currently being raised in a happy home with Dante and his husband. Whether the young boy will ever be reunited with his father or possibly even learn the truth about his crimes remains to be seen.

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