Does James Greer Die in Jack Ryan Season 4? [Spoiler]

Image Credit: Attila Szvacsek/Prime Video

The fourth season of Prime Video’s ‘Jack Ryan’ wraps up the story of the CIA analyst who goes on a globetrotting mission to stop the bad guys from executing their nefarious plans. Every season focuses on a different mission, with the final one testing Ryan more than anything before. On the brink of becoming the deputy director of the CIA, Ryan discovers the internal corruption in the agency and in the higher ranks of the government, who have played an instrumental role in allowing foreign powers to plan attacks against America.

To solve this crisis, all hands are needed on deck. Ryan cannot accomplish the mission without his friends and colleagues, which is where people like James Greer come in. The final season takes Greer on a dangerous journey where he comes close to dying. If you want to know his fate at the end of the series, we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

Does James Greer Die?

Image Credit: Attila Szvacsek/Prime Video

James Greer has been working for the CIA for a very long time, which means that he has been through his fair share of dangerous missions where he has faced death quite a few times. Greer knows the dangers of the job, which is why he is ready to face whatever is thrown at him. His presence of mind often saves his life, and this is what happens in the fourth season of ‘Jack Ryan.’

When Jack resigns as the acting deputy director, Greer assumes the position and immediately gets to work. While Ryan, Mike, and Chavez chase after Chao Fah and try to find out the link that ties the Triad and the cartel together, Greer chases down a different lead. CIA had come under fire after the assassination of the President of Nigeria. When Wright finds a lead in Nigeria, Greer sets out to find the person who orchestrated the assassination.

His investigation leads him to the place where Will Tutton operates from. Seeing how close he has come to discovering the truth, Tutton warns Greer to stay away or else. A threat to his family makes Greer more adamant about finding out who Tutton is and who he is working for. He discovers the identity of Dominic Sanderson, whose name was used to create the shell companies Miller used to funnel money from the CIA into black ops like Pluto.

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Tutton updates his boss about this development and is told to kill Greer. Tutton attacks Greer by crashing into his car and then stabbing him. Had it been anyone else, they would have probably succumbed to Tutton’s attack, but Greer is too experienced to give up so easily. As soon as he is stabbed, he takes control of the situation by snatching the knife out of Tutton’s hand and stabbing him back. Tutton is surprised by this, and by the time he recovers, Greer runs away from him and jumps off the bridge into the river.

When Greer comes out of the river, he has the knife in his hands, which he later uses to identify Tutton. The acting deputy director is hospitalized, but that doesn’t stop him from working. He calls Patrick and gives him the knife, narrowing down the search by a mile when he identifies the knife and makes informed guesses about Tutton’s past. As soon as Patrick gives him the name, Greer sneaks out of the hospital, even when he is advised to stay put and recover.

Eventually, Greer finds Tutton, and the team’s combined efforts uncover the real culprits’ identity. He survives the challenges and threats posed to him and remains with the CIA. Presumably, he will go through a similar committee hearing to confirm him as the deputy director of the CIA, as he is the most qualified person for the job. The future holds better things for Greer, who also makes up for his estranged son and rebuilds his relationship with his family.

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