Does Jason Kidnap Ari in Accused? Theories

Image Credit: Robin Cymbaly/FOX

The twelfth episode of Fox’s ‘Accused,’ titled ‘Morgan’s Story,’ follows the story of the eponymous woman whose life is turned upside down when her husband plays a drastic plot against her to secure the custody of their son. Things had been difficult between Jason and Morgan for a while, with the latter feeling emotionally unsatisfied. She felt that their marriage had run its course, with her and Jason going separate ways when it came to how they wanted their lives to look.

Divorce feels like the natural choice, but then Jason does something which shows that he is not the kind of person who lets things go so easily. In the final scene of the episode, we find him in a position to do something more sinister than what he’d done before. If you are wondering what it means for him and his family, here’s what you should know.

Custody Battle: Jason’s Legal Defeat

Jason and Morgan came from humble beginnings. It was one of the reasons why they fell in love. Jason worked hard to become successful and earn so much money that his family would never feel deprived. He drowned himself in work and, in the process, lost sight of what really mattered. At first, Morgan liked the comforts that wealth brought, but it didn’t matter to her in the long run. She would have been perfectly satisfied in a lesser financial situation if it meant she could have a happy life with her husband and son.

Image Credit: Robin Cymbaly/FOX

Jason became wealthy and successful as time passed, and he started valuing money more than his family time. Morgan, who’d started teaching in a public school for her own satisfaction, began to see how obsessed Jason had become with making more and more money. Their marriage reached a breaking point when Morgan met a fellow teacher, Kashir. After a brief fling with him, she realized she didn’t want to be with her husband anymore, so she filed for divorce.

This was a massive blow to Jason’s ego because he thought that money could get him everything. He couldn’t understand why his wife would choose to leave the life of luxury that he was providing. Instead of looking at himself, he blamed it all on Kashir. He became further inflamed when he discovered Morgan would introduce him to their son. Per the divorce agreement, Morgan would get full custody of their son, while Jason would get him for the weekends. If Morgan were to be with Kashir, he would have more presence in Ari’s life than his father. For Jason, it was unacceptable.

Despite the agreement, Jason filed for Ari’s full custody, but when the court didn’t rule in his favor, he decided to take a different route. He tried to frame Morgan of peddling drugs. If she were to be convicted of the crime, she would go to prison and lose the chance to get Ari’s custody. However, the plan doesn’t work, and Morgan is let go. Instead, Jason’s brother Eric is arrested for abuse of his power as a police officer.

Jason is defeated, but Morgan wouldn’t have kept quiet this time. We can assume that she fought Jason in court to strip him of visiting rights to Ari. Considering that he had broken the law and tried to send her to prison, it wouldn’t have been too difficult to win the case against him. Once again, Jason realized that no matter how much money he was ready to throw at people, things wouldn’t really work out for him, especially after tarnishing his reputation.

With all proper channels blocking him from meeting with his son, he sneaks up on him while Ari is in the park with Morgan and Kashir. It’s not confirmed what Jason aims to do next, but considering his actions in the episode, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to believe he is here to take his son away. What’s worse is that he isn’t doing all this for Ari. He is doing it to spite Morgan because she rejected him. He doesn’t seem humbled by the failure of his plot and his brother’s arrest. He has decided to take matters into his own hands rather than delegate the task to someone else. He will kidnap his son because he wants to cause Moragn a lot of pain.

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