Does Kayla Die in Choose or Die? [Spoiler]

Directed by Toby Meakins, Netflix’s horror-thriller film ‘Choose or Die’ revolves around Kayla, a broke young coder who tries to claim the prize money of a survival game named ‘CURS>R.’ Upon starting the game, she encounters ‘CURS>R’ controlling the real-life and even threatening her and her loved ones’ life. When she realizes that there isn’t any escape from the game other than finishing it, she starts to make progress to save her life. The final level of the game threatens her life severely, forcing her to protect it from Hal. So, does she survive? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Kayla Die in the End?

No, Kayla doesn’t die. Isaac’s death helps her to proceed to the final level of ‘CURS>R.’ She receives the coordinates of a location and arrives at the place, only to encounter Hal, his wife Laura, and their son Gabe. While she talks to Hal about the part he played in creating copies of the game, ‘CURS>R’ lets her know that she needs to kill Hal to stay alive and complete the game. To save her life that hangs by a thread, she starts fighting Hal, only to realize every harm inflicted upon him is affecting her and vice versa.

Kayla and Hal try to harm themselves for the other to get affected and eventually die. She inflicts a knife wound in her hand for Hal to suffer. Meanwhile, Gabe shoots his father for Kayla to fall to the ground with a bullet wound. However, Laura comes to her rescue and shoots her husband to suffer. After several painful years, Laura finally gains an opportunity to retaliate against Hal and she uses it. Kayla takes advantage of the distraction Laura creates by trying to drown in a nearby pool to kill Hal. Understanding what she is doing, Hal slits his throat to kill her.

Kayla drowns in the pool and kills Hal but encounters death at a short distance upon getting her throat slit. By the time, Laura saves her from the pool and attends to her wound, rescuing her from death. Her survival paves the way for her completion of ‘CURS>R’ as well. Kayla risks her life playing the game only to claim the prize money of $125,000 to build a future for her and her mother. However, instead of the money, she gets to be a curser herself. Kayla becomes the next Beck by beating him upon putting her life on the line.

After becoming a curser, she uses the opportunity to exact vengeance on Lance, who has been bothering her for one reason or another. She couldn’t even think about being tolerant of him and gradually tries ‘CURS>R’ on him, leading Lance to suicide. By endangering her own life, Kayla succeeds in becoming another potent curser, who can rewrite the fates of human beings around her. Kayla’s survival even astounds Beck, who has been expecting her death rather than her win. Finally, Beck meets someone “worthy” in Kayla, who shows the courage to beat him in his own game.

Completing ‘CURS>R’ leads her to gain the reigns of the game. The harrowing experience of jeopardizing her and her loved ones’ lives teaches her that it shouldn’t be the way to move forward. Thus, she makes it clear to Beck that she only wants people who deserve suffering to get hurt. She aspires to repeat what she does to Lance, to put an end to the lives of the predators around her rather than harming innocent beings like herself.

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