Does Landon Kirby Die in Legacies?

Legacies‘ has done a fine job of carrying the torch of intriguing supernatural stories and sprawling mythology ignited by ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ One of its main characters, Landon Kirby, is a unique supernatural creature whose abilities allow him to defy death. However, there are forces of evil that pose a threat to his life. Fighting these forces often proves to be beyond the capabilities of the teenager and thrusts him into dire situations. As a result, Landon has had many close calls with death on the show, but does he really die? Let’s find out!

Does Landon Die in Legacies?

Among the various characters on ‘Legacies’ with a myriad of supernatural abilities, Landon Kirby is arguably the most intriguing one. Landon first appears in an episode of ‘The Originals’ and is one of the main characters in ‘Legacies.’ His storyline is fascinating because, unlike the other kids at the Salvatore School, it seems he doesn’t possess any supernatural powers. It is eventually revealed that Landon belongs to the rare supernatural species of Phoenixes. His story is further complicated by the fact that he is an offspring of the evil entity Malivore, who serves as a principal antagonist in the series. Landon is also the object of affection of both Hope and Josie, forming an intense love triangle.

Like the other teenagers on the show, Landon also faces numerous challenges. However, the biggest challenge he faces is trying to stay alive. The young phoenix has already perished four times in the show’s three seasons so far. Being a phoenix does come with its perks, as he can resurrect himself, but that isn’t always the case. In the thirteenth episode of the first season, Landon is killed by MG, who couldn’t control his bloodlust. He resurrects by the episode’s end, revealing his status as a phoenix for the first time. In the penultimate episode of the second season, Landon is fatally stabbed by The Necromancer with the Golden Arrow, capable of killing a phoenix. Therefore, this time Landon isn’t able to self resurrect. He is later revived in the third season premiere by The Necromancer.

In season 3 episode 4, Landon teams up with Malivore allowing his father to take over his body as a vessel to defeat The Necromancer. During the battle, Landon/ Malivore is burned by The Necromancer’s zombie dragon and seemingly dies. He is later revived (once again!) after Hope decapitates The Necromancer. Realizing they are stuck in the Prison World, Landon jumps into the Malivore Pit with Hope, and they eventually return to their home. After they have sex for the first time, Landon disintegrates (the kid cannot catch a break), likely due to Malivore’s effect.

The subsequent episodes reveal that Landon is imprisoned in the Prison World. Technically, that qualifies as death, but the mythology of Prison Worlds in the show’s universe is a bit murky. Therefore, we’ll consider this death of Landon’s as the show’s equivalent of the infamous “Schrödinger’s Cat.” The attempts to bring him back have a major impact on the dynamic between the Super Squad.

In the eighth episode of season 3, Landon makes his way back to the land of the living. So as of now, Landon is alive and well in ‘Legacies.’ However, we cannot promise that the situation won’t change again sometime soon as dying tragically and returning is just a usual day in the life of Landon Kirby. Jokes aside, each of Landon’s death is crucial in examining the interpersonal relationships between his friends and propels the storyline in new and exciting directions. Aria Shahghasemi, who essays the character, isn’t leaving the series anytime soon. Fans can only pray that the writers stop constantly toying around with Landon’s fate so they can continue to enjoy Shahghasemi’s delightful presence on the show.

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