Does Lino Die or Survive Cancer in From Scratch?

Image Credit: Aaron Epstein/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘From Scratch’ is a romance drama based on the memoir of the same name by Tembi Locke. At the center of the story are Amy and Lino, who meet each other in Florence. The beginning of their love story has the makings of a rom-com, but as time moves forward, they have to face several difficult challenges. While both of them fight for their dreams and often face disappointment when it comes to the things they wanted but didn’t get, the biggest struggle of their lives arrives when Lino is diagnosed with cancer.

It is all the more heartbreaking to see Lino and Amy in this situation because right before the tragedy struck, they were on their way to having it all. As often happens in romantic stories, the characters get their happy endings no matter how many problems they have to face in their life. In the end, everything works out. Does the same happen for Amy and Lino? Let’s find out.

Lino’s Battle With Cancer Ends in Tragedy

Image Credit: Jessica Brooks/Netflix

Lino’s diagnosis comes at the time when both he and Amy had finally found a way to follow their dreams without compromising anything. Amy received a wonderful job, one that would actively bring her back to art rather than keep her on the sidelines. Lino had managed to take over the restaurant where he’d previously worked as a waiter. They knew that there were still a lot of things that they needed to figure out, but at least, they were on track to accomplish their goals.

What began as a minor pain in Lino’s knee turns out to be a rare form of soft-tissue cancer. However, the doctor assures them that it is still in the early stages and Lino, being a young and healthy person, has a good chance to beat the illness. After many rounds of chemotherapy, participating in an experimental trial, and knee surgery, Lino’s cancer goes away. However, the aftermath leaves him unable to stand in a place for too long, which means that he cannot run a restaurant on his own. Still, he is alive and well and that’s all that matters.

With a second chance at life, Lino and Amy decide not to waste any more time and expand their family. With the lack of any options for a natural pregnancy, they decide to go for adoption. After waiting for a few months, they eventually welcomed a baby girl, and they named her Idalia. For the next seven years, the couple gets busy raising their daughter and building a life with one another. While Amy takes charge as the breadwinner of the family, Lino becomes the homemaker. Once again, a few small changes in their routine allow them to have a balanced personal and professional life. Both of them get to spend time with their daughter, as Lino starts cooking classes and gets the chance to explore his passion again.

Fate strikes again just when things had started to get good. This time, the cancer lodges itself in Lino’s lungs and spreads from there. Even though they believe that they can beat it again, this time, they know that the stakes are much higher than they were last time. This time, they have their daughter to think about. Once again, chemotherapy sessions begin, but this time, Lino’s condition only worsens. He sustains an infection, which leads to an unending round of blood and other tests. The doctors continue to evade them, and eventually, Amy becomes frustrated with it all. Finally, a doctor tells them that Lino’s liver is failing and he will need a transplant. But because he is already battling cancer, it’s not as easy a task.

After much consideration, Lino and Amy find it best to stop the tests and the chemotherapy. They accept that there is nothing that can extend his life anymore, and it’s better if he spends the rest of his days among the people that love and care for him. He is brought back home, and after some time, he takes his last breath amidst friends and family.

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