Does Michael Myers Die in Halloween Kills?

In ‘Halloween Kills,’ the 12th entry in the “Halloween’ horror franchise, Michael continues to hunt and kill the hapless residents of Haddonfield. As shown in the post-credits scene of the 2018 film ‘Halloween,’ Michael survives even though Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) house burns down around him. He then goes on a killing spree, murdering everyone he comes across on his way back home. Meanwhile, Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) gathers a mob of grieving community members to turn the tables on Michael. If you are wondering whether Michael dies in ‘Halloween Kills,’ this is what you need to know.

Does Michael Myers Die in Halloween Kills?

No, Michael doesn’t die in ‘Halloween Kills.’ He finds his way back to his old home and kills the couple, Big John and Little John, residing there. Tommy’s crowd of vigilantes turns rabid at the hospital and goes after Lance Tovoli, an escaped convict, mistaking him for Michael. Both Laurie and her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) realize that Lance is not Michael and try to let the crowd know. But it doesn’t work. Laurie’s injuries open back up, and she is taken back to her room.

Karen finds Lance and convinces him that she knows the truth about him. She then tries to make the mob understand that they are after the wrong person but only manages to persuade Tommy and former Sheriff Leigh Brackett (Charles Cyphers). Trying to escape the vengeful mob, Lance falls to his death from a hospital window.

Meanwhile, Lonnie Elam (Robert Longstreet), Allyson (Andi Matichak), and Cameron (Dylan Arnold) track Michael down to his home. Lonnie goes inside alone. When Allyson and Cameron hear a gunshot, they rush inside the house. Allyson finds the bodies of Big John and Little John, while Cameron discovers that Michael has already killed his father and stuffed his body in the attic. Michael then ambushes Cameron, and despite Allyson’s effort to stop him, kills the younger man.

As he prepares to kill Allyson as well, Karen appears behind him and stabs him with a pitchfork. She then provokes an unmasked Michael (James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle) to follow her and leads him to Tommy’s mob. The residents of Haddonfield then surround Michael and begin their attempt to kill him. They beat him, shoot him, and stab him, and it seems that the nightmare that has lasted for 40 years is finally over when Karen buries Michael’s own knife into his spine.

But the thing about this particular nightmare is that it’s unrelenting, and as Laurie explains to Hawkins (Will Patton), not particularly human. Laurie hypothesizes that Michael thrives on people’s fear; the more he kills, the more powerful he grows. She implies that it’s the fear of the people of Haddonfield that has made Michael invincible. After Karen leaves, Michael gets up and kills everyone in the mob, including Tommy and Brackett. In the movie’s final sequence, Karen thinks she sees a young Michael in the clown costume in which he murdered his sister all those years ago, looking back at her through the first-floor window. When she gets up there, Michael appears and kills her, taking one more loved one away from Laurie.

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