Does Mickey Haller Die in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1?

Image Credit: Lara Solanki/Netflix

‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ follows the prolific attorney Mickey Haller, who works out of the back of his signature Lincoln automobile on the streets of LA. Our hero is forced to come out of hiatus when his recently murdered colleague bequeaths his entire legal practice to Mickey. Unfortunately, that’s not all that Jerry leaves behind, and Mickey finds himself embroiled in some mysterious and deadly affairs. It soon becomes clear that the murderous forces behind Jerry’s death are now after Mickey. How does it all go down? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Following Mickey Haller?

Soon after he takes charge of Jerry’s legal practice, Mickey finds himself stalked by a mysterious group in a black SUV. On multiple occassions, he finds the car parked outside his workplace, and even Detective Griggs is unable to trace just who the stalkers are. Notably, Jerry’s murder is suspected to be linked to one of his cases. Since Mickey has inherited all of Jerry’s cases, it seems all the more likely that he is now the target of an unknown conspirator.

The mystery deepens when it is discovered that Jerry bribed a jury official in the high-profile Trevor Elliott case. A lot of dangerous intrigue surrounds the case as Trevor also reveals that he is being stalked by a dangerous Russian oligarch with ties to the mafia. For a time, it appears that it is the Russian mob that is after Mickey. However, the attorney’s investigator Cisco subsequently discovers that Trevor doesn’t actually have ties to the Russian family as he claimed. Thus, once again, Mickey’s stalkers remain a mystery.

Ultimately, the titular lawyer figures out that the senior judge, Mary Holder, is pulling the strings. Upon confronting her, Mickey reveals that Mary Holder has been taking exorbitant bribes in exchange for rigging juries and actually had Jerry killed when he tried to back out of a deal he had with the judge.

It is the same hired hand that she then sets on Mickey and even bugs the lawyer’s car so she can keep track of his conversations. The man stalking Mickey is eventually revealed to be a small-time criminal named McSweeney, who also poses as the troublesome “Juror 7” on the Trevor Elliott trial.

Does Mickey Haller Die?

Things get increasingly hairy for Mickey as he gets closer to finding the people responsible for Jerry’s murder. Near the end of season 1, he is called to pick up his driver, Izzy Letts, who is suffering from a drug relapse. However, when he gets to the designated location, Mickey is attacked by an assailant. The assailant is subsequently revealed to be McSweeney acting on Judge Mary Holder’s orders.

Ultimately, Mickey is saved in the nick of time by the arrival of Detective Griggs. The assailant almost chokes the lawyer to death but is distracted by the arrival of the authorities. Before they can catch him, McSweeney stumbles and is pushed down a cliff by Mickey. Thus Mickey’s would-be murderer and Jerry’s actual killer eventually dies before he can be brought to justice. Despite the close call, Mickey survives unscathed and even manages to take down the judge and turn her to the authorities.

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