Does Mike Die in Netflix’s Skull Island?

In Netflix’s ‘Skull Island,’ two groups of people find themselves on the eponymous island after their ships are destroyed by a massive sea monster. They soon discover that the land is no less dangerous and is infested with gigantic versions of various creatures. Mike is one of the most important characters in ‘Skull Island.’ His father owns the boat that Charlie’s father captains. Mike and Charlie are best friends, but unlike the latter, who wishes to leave for college, Mike is content with his life on the boat. In the pilot episode, he watches his father die when the sea monster attacks. If you are wondering whether Mike dies in ‘Skull Island,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Mike Die?

Before the start of the series, Mike and his father were hired by Irene to look for her daughter. This is the purpose why they approach a GI to ask about the uncharted islands. The GI warns them of the dangerous things that lurk on these islands and tells them not to venture there. He even tells Mike and his father that people visiting the island don’t return. This proves to be almost prophetic for Hiro, who dies during the expedition.

When Mike ends up on the beach after the shipwreck, he finds an angry injury on his body, the result of the sea monster using electricity on him. He doesn’t tell Charlie what has happened to him while they try to survive in the jungles of Skull Island. Later in the series, believing that Charlie’s father, Cap, is in danger and to give Charlie enough time to run away, Mike surrenders to Irene and her mercenaries. It is then he discovers that they are not as bad as he initially presumed.

Mike didn’t know until then that Irene was Annie’s biological mother. While he is among the mercenaries, Mike’s condition deteriorates rapidly. He becomes bedridden, and Cap and Irene use the aloe vera-like substance harvested from one of the animals on Skull Island on Mike. It seems to give him relief, albeit temporarily. When Charlie sees Mike in this condition, he realizes that the only way they can save Mike is by getting off the island and finding him a proper doctor. But the sea monster destroys everything that tries to come near the island. Charlie comes up with the plan of taking out the sea monster with the king of Skull Island, Kong.

Charlie, Annie, and Dog travel to the ruins in the jungle and steal the necklace that seems to mean a lot to Kong. This incites a violent response, and Kong comes after them. Although Charlie gets captured by the mysterious masked people, Annie and Dog lead Kong to the beach, where a battle of the giants begins between Kong and the sea monster.

Despite his condition, Mike uses a flair gun to save Cap from a giant centipede. After Hiro, Cap is the only father figure in Mike’s life. Earlier in the series, Cap told him there would always be a place in his family for him, assuring him that even though his father was dead, it didn’t mean he no longer had people that cared for him.

After firing the flair gun, Mike falls to the ground, prompting Cap to rush to him. He urges the boy to stay with him before picking him up. This is the last time we see them in this season. Given that Irene and Annie make it back to civilization, it will not be too much to presume that Mike, Charlie, and Cap did as well. If Mike had gotten out in time, he is most likely alive. Or perhaps, those three are still on the island, and the masked people saved Mike.

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