Does Mo-mi Die in Mask Girl? [Spoiler]

Netflix’s ‘Mask Girl’ is a thriller-drama series revolves around Kim Mo-mi, who grows up with the aspiration of becoming a celebrity, but as she is not conventionally beautiful as per to standards of South Korea, Mo-mi has little choice but to become an office worker. At night, in front of an internet audience, she lets her inner-star shine. She puts on a mask and some of her best clothes to perform under the eponymous name. Almost no one at her office knows that this unassuming girl has a large following in the New Media. When two of her fans die, the authorities begin looking for her, prompting Mo-mi to have plastic surgery and go on the run. If you are wondering whether Mo-mi dies at the end of ‘Mask Girl,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Mo-mi Die?

Yes, Mo-mi dies at the end of the first season of ‘Mask Girl.’ At the start of the series, Mo-mi has a crush on her boss, the handsome and married Mr. Park. However, she discovers that he is having an affair with a conventionally beautiful colleague of hers. Becoming jealous, she spreads rumors about the relationship in the office, which leads to Mr. Park’s resignation and the other girl’s transfer.

Mo-mi goes out on a date with one of her fans, Handsome Monk. Although he initially seems nice, he later tries to rape her, and Mo-mi knocks him out. She contacts another fan, Oh-nam, for help, not knowing that Handsome Jack is still alive. Later, after Oh-nam rapes her, Mo-mi kills him. Having gotten plastic surgery, she flees from the city.

Mo-mi moves away and begins working under an alias, with her new face helping her blend into the crowd. Meanwhile, the authorities and Oh-nam’s mother, Kyung-ja, continue to look for her. She grows close to Chun-ae, a fellow dancer who has also undergone plastic surgery. However, Kyung-ja kills Chun-ae and is seemingly killed when she encounters the two younger women.

It turns out that Mo-mi has become pregnant because of the rape. She decides to keep the child and later gives birth to a daughter. Before she is arrested and sent to prison, Mo-mi hands her daughter over to her own mother. In prison, Mo-mi establishes herself as an unpredictable and dangerous inmate by repeatedly attacking the lackeys of the inmate who runs the jail. After a new warden arrives, Mo-mi suddenly becomes religious and even agrees to donate her kidney to the daughter of the lead inmate.

Image Credit: Jun Hea-sun/Netflix

Mo-mi discovers that Kyung-ja is still alive when the older woman comes to see her and declares that she will have revenge on Mo-mi through her daughter. This makes Mo-mi desperate to get out. She leaves for the hospital on the pretext of donating the kidney and runs away from her guards. When she reaches the remote cabin where Kyung-ja is holding her daughter captive, her mother and one of her daughter’s friends are already there. Mo-mi saves her mother and knocks Kyung-ja before venturing underground to get her daughter.

However, Kyung-ja wakes up and kills Mo-mi’s mother. She then attacks Mo-mi, and a bitter struggle ensues. The underground area eventually seems to collapse, but Mo-mi succeeds in escaping from there just in time. She comes out of the cabin with the two girls and discovers that the police are waiting for them. Despite everything, Kyung-ja is revealed to be still alive. She comes out with her shotgun and shoots at Mi-mo, not knowing that the young girl is her granddaughter. Mo-mi steps in the path of the bullet and is shot. She dies in her daughter’s arms while the police gun down Kyung-ja.

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