Does Nam On-jo Die in All of Us Are Dead?

Image Credit: Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

Nam On-jo (Ji-hu Park) is one of the main characters in the South Korean zombie teen drama series ‘All of Us Are Dead.’ She has been Lee Cheong-san’s (Chan-Young Yoon) best friend since they were both children. On-jo doesn’t get particularly good grades. In fact, she is one of the worst students in the class. In the absence of her mother, her firefighter father, Nam So-ju, has raised her by himself. He has a very nonchalant attitude toward On-jo’s bad grades. He tells her not to worry about them, as they will not get better. Instead, he advises her to take care of her health and well-being.

At school, On-jo is romantically interested in Lee Su-hyeok (Park Solomon), an erstwhile bad boy and Cheong-san’s close friend, and even confesses to him, not knowing that Su-hyeok likes class president Choi Nam-ra (Yi-Hyun Cho). She also doesn’t know that beyond all the teasing and pranks, Cheong-san has been in love with her for almost as long as they have been friends. When students start turning into zombies at their Hyosan High School, neither On-jo nor any of her friends are safe. If you are wondering whether Nam On-jo survives at the end of ‘All of Us Are Dead’ season 1, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Nam On-jo Die in the End?

No, Nam On-jo doesn’t die at the end of ‘All of Us Are Dead’ season 1. She has a fascinating story arc in the season, which underscores her remarkable qualities. Because of her poor grades, she was never considered for the post of class president. But when her peers start to turn into zombies because of the Jonas virus, she demonstrates what a natural leader she is. Nam-ra is the best student in the class and approaches every problem analytically. In contrast, On-jo is passionate. During the crisis, she urges her friends not to lose hope.

Image Credit: Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

Although Nam-ra is the class president, she has always been reclusive and distant and doesn’t really have any friends in the class. Meanwhile, On-jo is a confidant to almost all of her peers. The two young women contribute in their own ways to the group’s survival. On-jo learns about Su-hyeok’s feelings for Nam-ra and Cheong-san’s feelings for herself. Initially, she has no idea how to deal with these sudden changes in her and Cheong-san’s relationship. But as the story progresses and her hope starts to tun into despair, she discovers that Cheong-san’s is right beside her, holding her hands.

On-jo loses her father when he sacrifices his life for her and her friends. She then seemingly loses Cheong-san, who gets bitten by the “halfbie” Yoon Gwi-nam and volunteers to divert the attention of the zombies so that his friends can get to safety before the military starts dropping bombs. On-jo is one of the very few survivors who manage to leave the quarantine zone alive. In the final sequence, she and her friends return to sit around the fire with Nam-ra, who has completed her transformation into a halfbie, just like they have promised her.

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