Does Saanvi Die in Manifest Season 4? [Spoiler]

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Manifest’ follows the events following the sudden appearance of Flight 828, which had mysteriously disappeared five and a half years ago. The passengers of the flight experience weird things, like visions that tell them about imminent dangers to their lives or of other people. A group tries to dig into the mystery and find out what exactly happened to them when they were missing. Dr. Saanvi Bahl becomes instrumental in figuring out the science of the whole thing.

Throughout the show, Saanvi is an invaluable asset dedicated to figuring out the truth and what it means for the passengers. She is the definition of a good person who gives up everything in the pursuit of truth. However, she has done some bad things along the way, for which she feels guilty. Does one bad thing outweigh all the good she did? Does she survive the Death Date? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Saanvi’s Fate

In the series finale, the Death Date arrives, and the apocalypse begins. In the last attempt to save the world, Cal connects his sapphire with the Ark, part of which was thrown into the fissure by Saanvi. The connection of the sapphires produces a blue light that acts as a beacon for all 828ers. They are called towards it, and when they all have congregated near it, Flight 828 emerges from the ground in the same place where the fissure was.

All the passengers board the flight, and Amuta, co-piloted by Michaela, takes it into the air. The volcanoes erupt on the ground, but the passengers are safe on the flight. They have no idea where to go, but Amuta figures that they will find something later. Eventually, the white light, which had appeared the last time the passengers were onboard, shows up again, and Amuta takes the plane through it. Before that, however, all the passengers go through judgment.

It was previously determined that all the passengers who had disappeared for five and a half years had the same time left on Earth. This determined their Death Date, which initially looked unescapable. However, when Zeke Landon successfully makes it past his Death Date, the passengers realize that there is hope for them. Zeke survived because, on the Death Date, when he was judged, his good deeds outdid the bad things he’d done. For the passengers, however, things were more complicated. They were on the same Lifeboat, and for them to survive, more work needed to be done to ensure the balance of scales in favor of good things.

While most people steered clear of bad things, some had committed heinous deeds, and they were the ones who were harshly judged in their last moments. Saanvi had been good for the most part, but there was one bad thing she’d done. She poisoned the Major, aka General Katheryn Fitz, when she discovered that the Major was planning bad things for the passengers after already having inflicted a lot of damage on them.

Saanvi didn’t intend to kill the Major. It was a mistake that haunted her, especially when she realized that her bad deed spoiled the chances of the Lifeboat’s survival. On the Death Date, she starts to combust from the inside, and we see her surrender to fate as she comes close to exploding like Angelina did a few moments before her. While Saanvi’s bad deeds were nothing compared to what Angelina did, it didn’t change the fact that Saanvi had taken a life.

Saanvi accepts her punishment and is ready to die because of her guilt. Just when she is about to explode, the fire rescinds, and Saanvi is spared from the punishment. While she killed the Major, she didn’t do it out of malice in her heart. Moreover, she spent the rest of her time feeling guilty and repenting for it by ceaselessly helping others survive the Death Date. Considering all this and that Saanvi was a good person at heart, the Divine decided to let her go. She survives the Death Date and lands back in 2013 with the rest of the passengers, getting another chance to right the wrongs in her life.

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