Does Somebody Somewhere’s Bridgett Everett Sing in Real Life?

HBO’s ‘Somebody Somewhere’ is a touching comedy-drama series created by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen. It revolves around Sam Miller, a reclusive 40 something woman grieving the death of her sister Holly. Moreover, she has difficulties adjusting to the small-town life of her hometown Manhattan, Kansas. A lonely and struggling Sam finds solace in a community of outsiders, who motivate her to conquer her insecurities and embrace herself. As she finally finds a place where she belongs, she begins to heal and follow her true calling in life- singing.

Actress Bridget Everett gives a nuanced performance as the main character Sam. The character’s powerful singing voice and the ability to hit the right notes make the viewers wonder whether the actress who portrays her is as melodious. If you too are curious to find out whether Everett can really sing, here are all the details you need!

Does Bridget Everett Sing in Real Life?

‘Somebody Somewhere’ is partly based on Bridget Everett’s real life, and draws inspiration from various aspects of her life including her singing skills. The actress and comedian is also an accomplished singer and cabaret performer, with numerous music albums, videos, and stage performances to her credit. She also performs with her band called ‘The Tender Moments.’ The Kansas native has been musically inclined since childhood and even took three credits in music including traditional and show choir.

Image Credit: Chuck Hodes/HBO

Furthermore, Everett’s mother Frederica is a retired school teacher who had a significant role in shaping her interest in music. Everett stated in a 2017 interview that Frederica ensured that all her six children regularly took music lessons and practiced piano. To further her training, Everett graduated from Arizona University where she studied music and opera on a full scholarship. After receiving her degree in vocal performance, she moved to New York.

The actress added that she decided to change fields after learning the technicalities of opera music as they did not interest her. She then took voice lessons from renowned Broadway coach Liz Caplan in New York, who helped her correct her techniques. The LGBTQ+ clubs in the city highly impacted Everett and attracted her to drag and cabaret performances.

Everett worked as a waitress for several years and sang at karaoke bars, proceeding to perform in the cabaret show ‘Rock Bottom’ in 2013. She co-wrote the show with Adam Horovitz, Marc Shaiman, and Scott Wittman, and it won her a Special Citation at the 2015 Obie Awards. With several performances and the albums ‘Pound It’ and ‘Gynecological Wonder’ under her belt, Everett has undoubtedly established herself as a successful singer and performer over the years.

Thus, singing in ‘Somebody Somewhere’ is a piece of cake for Everett since it is based on her love for singing. Though Sam’s character is far more introverted than Everett is, their relationship to music is highly similar. Just like Sam finds her way back to music in her 40s, Everett also quit her long-term job in the restaurant business at that very age to pursue acting and music full-time. All the years of musical experience and training indeed have let Everett add layers to her portrayal of Sam and make it believable.

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