Does Tyler Die in Extraction 2? [Spoiler]

Image Credit: Jasin Boland/Netflix

Netflix’s action thriller, ‘Extraction 2’, brings back Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake. It sets him on a new mission which is much more personal than his previous job. This time, his ex-wife’s sister, Ketevan’s life is at stake, and Tyler has to free her and her children from a prison in Georgia. Going into enemy territory, Tyler knows the risks of his job and prioritizes his mission over his own life. He comes close to dying several times but survives long enough to save the family. In the end, to save Ketevan’s son, he decides to take a risk that could mean certain death for him, but he doesn’t hesitate. If you are wondering whether this move claims Tyler’s life and he dies, here’s what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Does Tyler Die?

Image Credit: Jasin Boland/Netflix

Tyler Rake is a mercenary who goes on dangerous missions with nothing to lose. In ‘Extraction,’ his colleague and friend, Nik, called him suicidal and wondered if he picked impossible assignments because they came with a greater risk to his life. A look into Rake’s past reveals that he really doesn’t care about his life anymore. When his son was diagnosed with lymphoma and was on his deathbed, Rake realized he couldn’t see his son die in front of his eyes. So, he left for another tour in the military, and by the time he came back, his son was gone. The guilt of not being by his son’s side haunts Tyler, which has turned him into someone who is not afraid to die anymore.

With this frame of mind, Tyler goes to Dhaka, and we see him in a similar spot when he decides to break his ex-sister-in-law out of prison in Georgia. The only thing that seems to keep Tyler alive is the knowledge that the survival of his targets depends on his survival. If he dies, Ketevan and her children won’t live much longer. The resolve to get them to safety keeps him going even when he has to fight his way through a prison or survive a trainwreck.

In ‘Extraction 2’, Ketevan is on the run from her husband and his brother, the crime lords in Georgia who have every politician in their pockets. She worries about her children’s future and doesn’t want her son, Sandro, to end up like his father and uncle. However, Sandro grew up with a romanticized version of what family means and wants to be one of the Nagazi, the crime family created by his father and uncle. He doesn’t realize what his mother is trying to save him from, so he rats out their position to this uncle, Zurab.

Image Credit: Jasin Boland/Netflix

Tyler and Nik get Ketevan and her daughter, Nina, to safety, but Sandro leaves with Zurab. In time, Sandro realizes that his uncle doesn’t care about him or anyone else in their gang at all. He is focused on getting revenge for his brother’s death, who was killed by Tyler to save Ketevan. In the end, with almost all his gang members dead, Zurab calls Tyler and tells him he will never be able to rest, knowing that his brother’s killer is still out there. Tyler knows that Zurab still has Sandro, and the boy’s life is in danger as long as he is around his uncle. So, to save him, Tyler drives off to the rendezvous point alone.

Once again, it is suicidal on Tyler’s part to confront Zurab alone. The criminal still has a few men around to help him. He also has Sandro, whom he can use as leverage against Tyler. As expected, the fight turns bloody, and Tyler is hurt. He comes face to face with Zurab bleeding profusely. This puts him at a disadvantage which shows when he and Zurab fight each other in hand-to-hand combat. However, Tyler gets the upper hand and kills Zurab by shooting him in the head. He is badly hurt, but he’s had worse. It’s nothing he cannot survive. In the end, despite his actions verging on suicidal, Tyler emerges victorious and lives to see another day.

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