Why is Ovi Mahajan Jr. Not in Extraction 2? Did Rudhraksh Jaiswal Leave the Film Series?

Image Credit: Jasin Boland/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Extraction 2’ stars Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a highly trained and ruthless mercenary with a tragic past. The sequel picks up in the aftermath of the first film’s events and takes Rake to a completely different place with new challenges to face and enemies to fight. This time, things get more personal as he is tasked to save his ex-wife’s sister and her children from the leader of a criminal empire in Georgia.

This mission is somewhat similar to a previous job, where he was tasked with extracting an Indian crime lord’s son, Ovi Mahajan Jr., who was kidnapped by a Bangladeshi crime lord. Saving Ovi is not just a job for Rake. It becomes a personal quest as he grows fond of the boy and sees a reflection of his son in him. Considering the part Ovi plays in Rake’s life, you might wonder what happened to him and why he is not in ‘Extraction 2.’ Here’s what you need to know about him.

What Happened to Ovi Mahajan Jr.?

Image Credit: Jasin Boland/ Netflix

In ‘Extraction,’ Ovi is kidnapped by Amir Asif, a Bangladeshi crime lord who is an enemy of his father. Ovi Mahajan Sr. is arrested for something, and his time in prison renders his son vulnerable. His assets are frozen, which means he will not be able to do anything should his family land in trouble. Asif seizes on this opportunity and has Ovi Jr. kidnapped. He planned to kill the boy, but before that could happen, Rake was hired to save him, get him out of Dhaka, and back to Mumbai, where his father’s influence could keep him safe.

While Rake finds Ovi, it becomes difficult to get out of Dhaka because Asif has the entire police force of the city in his pocket. When Rake rescues Ovi from Asif’s men, the criminal alerts the cops, who barricade every exit from the city and scour the streets to find and kill Ovi. Asif also sets a bounty on Ovi, which turns Rake’s friend against him. However, they receive help from Saju Rav, sent by Ovi Sr. to get his son back.

After escaping Asif’s men, Rake, Ovi, and Saju arrive at the bridge out of the city, where Nik waits for them with a helicopter to get them out of the country. Saju is shot to death, but Ovi makes it to the helicopter. Rake tries to get there but is shot and falls down the bridge and into the river. Nik takes Ovi back to Mumbai, where he can be safe with his family. Ovi Sr. duped her and Rake because he hired them without any means to pay them.

Nik found out halfway through the mission that Ovi Sr.’s assets were frozen, which meant there would be no payment for her and Rake. She tried to get Rake out of Dhaka, but he couldn’t leave Ovi behind. In the end, Nik keeps Rake’s word to Ovi and takes him back home even though she knows she won’t get paid. Eight months later, Ovi is back in school. He is safe and sound, and, as hinted by the silhouette that looks a lot like the man who saved him, he is visited by Rake.

Why is Rudhraksh Jaiswal Not in Extraction 2?

Tyler Rake is a mercenary for hire, which means every job takes him to a different place. When the job is finished, he packs up and moves on without looking back. Following the events in Dhaka, Rake was severely wounded and ended up in a coma for so long that his friends thought about pulling the plug on him. Luckily they didn’t, and when he woke up, it took a lot of time for him to recover from his injuries. He was months into his retirement when he got another job. He probably wouldn’t have picked it if it didn’t concern his ex-wife.

Considering the circumstances in Rake’s life, it’s clear why there is no reference to Dhaka and Ovi in it. Rake cared for Ovi, but now that the boy is safe and his job is done, there is no point in going back to Mumbai. Moreover, his new job takes him to a prison in Georgia, which renders Ovi’s presence in the sequel implausible. This explains why we don’t see him in ‘Extraction 2.’ While his character might not have been a part of the sequel, Rudhraksh Jaiswal has expressed his desire to return in future installments. Should the story demand his character’s return, he will gladly reprise the role of Ovi.

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