Does Extraction 2 Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Image Credit: Jasin Boland/Netflix

Netflix’s action thriller film ‘Extraction 2’ follows former Australian SAS operator turned black ops mercenary Tyler Rake, who sets out to rescue Ketevan, the sister of his ex-wife Mia, and her family from a Georgian prison. Tyler and Ketevan team up to kill the latter’s husband Davit Radiani, only for the murdered Georgian criminal’s brother Zurab Radiani to seek vengeance. The film progresses through the confrontations between Tyler and Zurab as the latter tries to kill the former and Ketevan for killing his brother. The action drama ends with an ultimate showdown between the mercenary and the crime lord. But does the film have a mid-credit or post-credit scene? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is There a Mid-Credit Scene or Post-Credit Scene in Extraction 2?

No, there is no mid-credit scene or post-credit scene in ‘Extraction 2.’ As the film progresses towards its ending, Tyler confronts Zurab for trying to kill him, his allies, Ketevan, and her family. Upon losing Yaz Khan, Tyler wants to put an end to the conflict between him and the Georgian crime lord. Zurab fights against Tyler using Ketevan’s son Sandro, who is wearing a bomb. When Tyler becomes helpless, Nik Khan interferes and helps her partner-in-crime. She turns off the bomb while Tyler kills Zurab.

Image Credit: Jasin Boland/Netflix

Usually in film series, mid-credit or post-credit scenes are a window to the next film of a franchise. That way, ‘Extraction 2’ has a scene, but before the credits, that sets the stage for a potential third film of the film series. After Zurab’s murder, Tyler and Nik get arrested by authorities and imprisoned. They get released by Alcott (Idris Elba), the man who hires Tyler for rescuing Ketevan and her family from the hands of Davit. He tells Tyler that his boss has a job for him. When Tyler asks Alcott about his boss, the only information he receives is that the person is a “gnarly” individual.

This particular scene serves the purpose of a mid-credit or post-credit scene in the film. We can expect the potential third season to follow Tyler’s association with Alcott’s boss for another “extraction.” As far as the possibilities of the same are concerned, director Sam Hargrave and lead actor Chris Hemsworth are hopeful about the third film. “I love playing the character. I love this world. I love having something else outside of Marvel that’s amassed a bit of a following, something more in the real world. I honestly feel like we made a better film than the first one. That’s rare in the franchise world. We’d be remiss not to have a crack at another one,” Hemsworth told Total Film.

Hargrave even have an idea for the third film. “I’m excited about what that next adventure for Tyler Rake could be. We’ll see how this one does. We’ll see how people feel and respond. And if the world is craving another Tyler Rake adventure, I think it’d be something I’d be interested in seeing put up on the screen. I have an idea, but I won’t give it away here,” he told Total Film in the same interview.

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