Who is Idris Elba’s Boss in Extraction 2?

Netflix’s ‘Extraction 2’ stars Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a mercenary for hire who embarks on a mission to save a woman and her two kids from her criminal husband. Following the events of the first film, in which he almost died, Rake takes a break from his job and considers retirement. His injuries landed him in a coma, almost making Nik and Yaz pull the plug on him and let him die. Thanks to Nik, this didn’t happen, and soon after, Rake woke up.

With all the injuries he sustained in his previous mission, it takes a lot of work for him to recuperate. He is given a place to spend the rest of his life in solitude, but then a mysterious man shows up at his door, offering him a job he cannot refuse. This man, played by Idris Elba, doesn’t appear again until the end of the film, and he has another proposal ready for Rake. Who is he, and who does he work for? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Who is Idris Elba’s Boss?

Idris Elba’s character, credited as Alcott, first appears in ‘Extraction 2’ nine months after Tyler Rake woke up from a coma. It has been a while since he settled down in the cozy cabin in Austria, and he wasn’t expecting any visits anytime soon because no one was supposed to know where he was. But Alcott finds him and offers him to do a job. Rake dismisses him and tells him to leave, but when Alcott mentions Mia, Rake’s ex-wife, he is forced to pay attention.

Alcott tells Rake everything about Davit and Zurab and how Mia’s sister, Ketevan, is caught up in all this mess. He advises him to go quietly about the job, to get in and out without making a fuss because it could wreak havoc upon them. He mentions that he’ll take his cut and not meddle if Rake is caught and sent to prison. He removes himself from the situation pretty quickly. He doubts Rake, especially considering he is not in good shape to do the job. But there is no other option.

Whatever doubts Alcott had about Rake are cleared at the end when, against all odds, Rake not only succeeds in his mission but also cuts off the head of the criminal empire that was hell-bent on killing him. This impresses him and his employer. In the final scene, Alcott offers another job to Rake but doesn’t go into the details. He doesn’t even mention the name of his employer, except that he is “gnarly” and that Rake would like him.

While barely anything is revealed about Alcott and his employer, some details create room for extrapolation. Alcott is approached by Mia, who, Ketevan mentions, used to work at the parliament back when they met. This means that either Mia works in politics or works for the government. We don’t know the details of her job now, but for her to contact someone resourceful like Alcott, she must have connections.

Whoever Alcott’s employer is, he must be well-connected and in a powerful position to pull strings to get Rake and Vik out of prison in Austria. For him to take missions like this one, this mysterious employer likely runs a private organization with mercenaries like Rake working for him. Alcott’s job is to go out and find such people, to bring them into the fold, and have them work for the organization. This still leaves a lot that we don’t know about him, but the missions this person will give to Rake will be more dangerous with higher stakes.

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