Does Yaz Die in Extraction 2? Did Adam Bessa Leave the Film Series?

Netflix’s action thriller film ‘Extraction 2’ follows the former Australian SAS operator turned black ops mercenary Tyler Rake, who is hired to rescue Ketevan and her family from a Georgian prison. Realizing that the person he needs to save is the sister of his ex-wife Mia, Tyler tries his best to recover from a near-death experience in no time and teams up with his trusted partner-in-crime Nik Khan and her brother Yaz Khan. Tyler’s attempts to save Ketevan make him the adversary of Georgian crime lord Zurab. As their forces confront each other, Yaz’s life gets threatened. But does he die? Here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Yaz Die?

Yes, Yaz does die in ‘Extraction 2.’ Upon teaming up with Nik and Yaz, Tyler ends up in a Georgian prison to rescue Ketevan and her two children. When her husband Davit Radiani comes in between his mission, Tyler and Ketevan kill him. Davit’s death infuriates Zurab Radiani, who sets out to hunt down his brother’s family and the man who flew away from his country with them. To escape from the forces of Zurab, Tyler leads his allies and Ketevan’s family to Vienna. However, her son Sandro, believing that his mother turned against his father, calls his uncle to reveal that they are in Vienna.

Zurab arrives in Vienna to kill Tyler and capture Ketevan and her family. Nick and Yaz try their best to bring down the forces of Zurab for completing the mission and safeguarding Tyler. They realize that the best way to escape from Zurab and his men is by fleeing from the place with one of the Georgian’s helicopters. While trying to flee, one of Zurab’s men shoots at Yaz several times. Tyler and Nik succeed in taking him to the helicopter and flying away from the crime lord and his army but they lose Yaz before they could give him the medical attention he needed. Yaz dies despite his sister and friend’s pleas to fight to stay alive. Since Yaz dies, the viewers must be wondering whether we have seen the last of Adam Bessa’s Yaz in the ‘Extraction’ film series. Let’s find out.

Did Adam Bessa Leave the Extraction Film Series?

Even ahead of the premiere of ‘Extraction 2,’ the cast and crew members of the film started to express their wish to see a third movie of the film materializing. Director Sam Hargrave then went on to confirm that Netflix and lead actor Chris Hemsworth are open to the same. The conclusion of the second film in the series also indicates that Tyler and Nik will team up again for another “extraction.” Meanwhile, Yaz’s death makes it clear that Adam Bessa’s character won’t be a part of the team.


Although neither Netflix nor Bessa has formally announced the actor’s departure from the franchise, Yaz’s death indicates that we necessarily don’t need to expect him to feature in the third film as a main cast member if the film materializes. Having said that, we cannot completely rule out the actor’s participation in the potential third film. Both ‘Extraction’ films haven’t shied away from visions or dreams. Since Yaz’s death is a traumatic incident for his sister Nik, she may dream or have visions concerning him in the possible third film. If that’s the case, Bessa may feature in the same in a guest capacity.

The makers of the film must have written Bessa’s Yaz off to bring Tyler and Nik closer, possibly to form a romantic storyline involving them, in the possible ‘Extraction 3.’ If that’s the case, it is understandable why the character’s arc is concluded astoundingly in the second film. Even if Bessa doesn’t feature in the potential third film of the series, we can expect him to deliver captivating performances in ‘City of a Million Soldiers’ and ‘Motherhood.’

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