Does Victor Tapia Die in Narcos: Mexico Season 3? Does He Find the Serial Killer?

Image Credit: Juan Rosas/Netflix

One of the new characters introduced in season 3, Victor Tapia (Luis Gerardo Méndez) is a police officer in Juárez, earning a meager $150 per month. Predictably, the low salary has forced him and other police officers like him to find alternative sources of income. In Juárez, police don’t prevent crimes; they commit them. When he learns that a young girl named Teresa from his neighborhood has gone missing, he reluctantly starts looking for her. However, when the corpses of women of similar age as Teresa begins turning up, Victor realizes that he might have a serial killer in his hand. To catch this person, Victor agrees to help the DEA and begins serving as their informant. If you are wondering whether Victor manages to find the serial killer and survive, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Victor Tapia Find the Serial Killer?

Victor does find the serial killer. While searching for Teresa, he finds out that a man is going around in a Cadillac, offering rides to young women and killing them. He finds out that the killer’s hunting ground is near a factory. Victor spends days waiting in his car close to the factory for the killer to show up. One time, he nearly catches the killer, but one of the tires of his car suddenly deflates, and the killer gets away.

In the pursuit of this murderer, Victor starts to lose himself. He becomes obsessed and reckless. When Teresa’s body is finally discovered, blood is found underneath her nails. However, DNA testing is not available in Juárez. So, Victor decides to take the sample and go to El Paso on the other side of the border. He meets Jaime Kuykendall and begins supplying the DEA information about Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, Amado’s brutal brother, in exchange for getting the test done.

After Victor is fired from his job due to a nationwide depression, he starts working for Vincente. He and his partner Rogelio begin killing people for the drug lord, prompting Victor’s further descent into depression. However, after he finally finds the man who he believes to be the murderer and kills him, Victor briefly enjoys the fact that he has managed to accomplish something worthwhile.

However, the following morning, Victor learns that the police have found a site where dozens of bodies of women had been buried. It turns that there is possibly more than one serial killer in Juárez. It makes Victor realize that everything he has done and the sacrifices he has made were for nothing. In many ways, Victor is quite similar to Walt. Both of them embark on what ultimately seems like a fool’s errand to get justice, only to realize that the things were always too big for them.

Does Victor Die in Narcos: Mexico Season 3?

Yes, Victor dies in ‘Narcos: Mexico’ season 3. The information he gives to the DEA leads to several arrests and the seizure of a large amount of money and drugs. The Cartel finds out about it and sends no one other than Rogelio to kill him. Rogelio lures Victor out of his home and takes him to the outskirts of the community. It doesn’t take long after that for Victor to realize what is happening. But by then, the fight has completely drained out of him; He is tired and defeated. He tells Rogelio if he is going to do it, then just do it. The latter then pulls the trigger, killing Victor.

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