Does Yennefer Have a Child in The Witcher? Why Can’t She Have Kids?

In Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ series, Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra) is one of the main protagonists along with Geralt of Rivia and Princess Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon. Her life had quite a humble beginning. She was born in a low-income family with partial face paralysis and a curved spine. After she accidentally teleports herself to the Aretuza magical academy, members of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers become aware of her existence. Sorceress and rectoress Tissaia de Vries comes and buys her from her stepfather for less money than half the price for a pig. After arriving at Aretuza, Yennefer tries to commit suicide, but Tissaia’s timely intervention saves her life. As the first season progresses, she becomes a powerful and reputed sorceress, but certain regrets continue to haunt her, including her desire to be a mother. Here is what you need to know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Yennefer Have a Child in The Witcher?

No, Yennefer doesn’t have a biological child in ‘The Witcher.’ However, in season 2, her story arc does end in motherhood, albeit in a way that she had never imagined. Everyone, including Geralt, believes that she is dead when the season begins. In reality, she has been captured by the sorceress Fringilla Vigo and the remaining Nilfgaardian soldiers. She later learns that she has lost her connection to Chaos after performing fire magic at the Battle of Sodden Hill. A demon known as Voleth Meir offers a deal: she will restore Yennefer’s link with Chaos if she brings Ciri to the monolith she (Ciri) destroyed outside Cintra.

Only when Yennefer meets Ciri and sees that Geralt is with her, she realizes that the young princess is his Child Surprise. When the fire mage Rience comes seeking Ciri, Yennefer teaches her how to create a portal and leaves with her, betraying Geralt. She convinces the younger woman to go to Cintra, but as they travel, she discovers that Ciri considers Geralt the father she never had. Their relationship begins to change as well, as Yennefer realizes how precious and remarkable Ciri is.

Although Yennefer doesn’t deliver Ciri to Voleth, the latter still gets freed and possesses the young princess. Yennefer sacrifices herself to draw the demon into her own body, showing Geralt the extent she is prepared to go to protect the girl. As the season ends, Yennefer becomes a mother figure for Ciri.

 Why Can’t Yennefer Have Children?

In the Netflix series, the sorceresses undergo a process during the initiation stage in which they are turned into living works of art by an enchanter. Circumstances prevent Yennefer from attending her initiation ceremony, but she later convinces the enchanter to transform her anyway. She doesn’t lose her resolve even when he tells her that he doesn’t have the herbs to sedate her so that the process will be agonizing for her. She asks the enchanter not to remove her purple eyes, a sign of her Elven heritage, and her scars. The enchanter reveals that there is a price that she must pay: the ability to bear children.

Image Credit: Jay Maidment/Netflix

The enchanter then proceeds to remove Yennefer’s reproductive organs and makes a paste with them. He then applies the paste to Yennefer’s body, and the transformation begins. Both her spine and jaw straighten, and the pain is so all-consuming that she breaks free of her restraints. Yennefer gives up the prospect of having a family for power and beauty, but in later years, she comes to regret the decision and searches for items such as a dragon hearts, which allegedly has the property to cure infertility. Ultimately, her desire to have a family is fulfilled when Geralt walks back into her life and brings Ciri with him.

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