Dom Gabriel: Where is Perfect Match Contestant Now?

Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match‘ gives young, attractive singles a chance to find love through entertaining competitions and by placing contestants in situations that test their alliances. When Dom Gabriel, the winner of the first season, entered the second season, he made it clear that despite the unfortunate end with his partner from the first season, he was here to find a genuine, true connection to take into real life. As charming and commanding as ever, it was only a matter of time before he established his dominance in the house and showed everyone how the game was played.

Dom Gabriel Had a Great Blind Date With Tolú

When Dom Gabriel, the winner of season 1, entered the second season, he caused quite a stir and caught a lot of attention. Although he was not one of the original contestants, Elys and Harry decided on Chris and Dom when they were called to the boardroom and asked to choose two people for a date with the remaining contestants. Despite Harry’s apprehensions that he had made out with Dom’s ex-girlfriend right after their breakup and might cause some friction in the house, Elys insisted that Dom would be a good fit for Tolú and would also weaken the bond the latter had with her partner Izzy.

Dom and Tolú had a great time on their first date. They went cycling and later sat down for dinner and drinks. There was a lot of banter and casual chat, and she was quite excited about connecting with someone who matched her energy. Back at the house, Chris and Dom met, and there was instant friendly banter between them. They shared how they had developed a friendship after the fiasco with Dom’s partner at the end of season 1. It quickly became evident that Dom and Tolú were a good match, and when it came time to choose, she selected Dom over Izzy, making him her partner for the next round.

Problems started arising when new contestants, Jessica and Alara, entered the game, and it was time for the men to choose their following partners. Tolú noticed Dom was interested in Alara as they laughed and talked. When it was time for him to choose a partner, Tolú reminded him of how good their first date was and suggested they give their connection a chance. Seeing that Alara had already matched up with Stevan, he realized that his best chances were with Tolú, and they proceeded to the next round together.

Their connection, however, had started dwindling. Tolú felt Dom had shown her a particular side of his personality to get into the game but was no longer putting in the effort. He explained that he was usually quiet and reserved and had just been trying to make a good impression on their first date. While selecting partners for the next round, Tolú and Chris got along well. He attempted to find a new partner but was unsuccessful and was eliminated from the game.

Dom Gabriel is a Musician Today

Dom Gabriel identifies as a musician and is a member of the band DØNTCALL, for which he is a singer and songwriter. The band has released over ten successful songs, including ‘XOXO,’ ‘Mean Girls,’ and ‘me, anymore,’ all available for streaming on Spotify. In addition to his musical pursuits, he has started a new venture called Roxas Designs, though details about the products and services it will offer have not yet been disclosed. Due to his close collaboration with Netflix shows such as ‘The Mole’ and the first season of ‘Perfect Match,’ he has established a strong connection with the streaming platform and is frequently seen at various events organized by Netflix.

Dom’s popularity is skyrocketing, with over 653k followers on Instagram, where he creates digital content and collaborates with brands like Essie and Casetify. He was featured in Fashion Canada magazine’s summer issue, sharing his aesthetics and life journey. He is passionate about nail art and frequently showcases new and unique designs. In June 2023, he launched his nail polish color with UN/DN LAQR, a collaboration he is particularly proud of.

Dom Gabriel is Quite Vocal About Politics and Mental Health

2024 was a significant year for Dom Gabriel. In February, he walked his first red carpet for ‘Jujutsu Kaisen,’ his favorite anime. He took the time to thank all the people and organizations that made it possible for him, expressing his gratitude. He has also shared personal glimpses of his life with his fans, discussing his struggles with mental health issues and how he has coped with them. He is politically active and has shown unwavering support for Palestine, using his platform to amplify the noise around the situation there. With his eclectic style and growing popularity through frequent appearances on reality TV series, Dom has made quite a name for himself and shows no signs of slowing down.

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