Is Perfect Match Scripted or Real?

Hosted by Nick Lachey, Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match’ is a dream come true for reality TV fans. The dating show welcomes well-known celebrities from the various reality originals the streaming giant has in its library. All of these beloved public figures are given the opportunity to find their love match through this experiment, but they do have to worry about getting booted out. Given the fame that most of the participants have, it is seemingly hard for them to find a genuine connection in the real world, and so they have their hopes set on this particular venture.

However, not all cast members are strangers, and the shared past amongst a few of them might lead to tense situations or happy nostalgia. No matter the outcome, though, only one couple can take home the crown of being the “Perfect Match.” Given the star-studded cast of the series, it is no wonder that the public is eager to know as much as they can about the show. In fact, the biggest question surrounding the show’s existence is its authenticity. Is the experiment as legitimate as it claims to be? Well, we are here to find out the same!

Is Perfect Match Scripted?

We do not believe that ‘Perfect Match’ is a scripted series. There is no question that the viewers do not get to see each and every part of the show due to time constraints. Yet, that does not mean that the driving elements of the show are hidden from the public eye in every way, shape, or form. In fact, almost every development that affects the show’s flow is explored in great detail to allow a measure of transparency to the fans.

As this reality show is meant for veterans within this particular field, the series has a certain amount of advantage over every other show out there. However, it does not seem like the cast members of the show’s very first season knew exactly what they were signing up for when they started the competition series. “I was told it was going to be a challenging show and then found out that it was a dating show when the cameras were rolling – pretty much at the same time that everyone else who’s watching will find out,” Savannah Palacio from ‘The Circle’ season 2 told Life & Style. She then went on to admit that bringing such strong and well-known personalities was a sure way to create the drama and entertainment that the public loves so much.

Indeed, the showrunners rarely diverge from the already established format of the series, though some challenges do allow the spiciness and drama to accelerate a bit. That being said, even the new entrants and thus possible new couples in the show are dependent on the best performers within the house — the winner of each challenge will have the power to choose a participant from a pool of three. However, that has not stopped them from welcoming entries that would likely create drama. But hey, everything is fair in love and war! Right?

Therefore, this show provides the viewers an insight into the life and emotions of some of their favorite reality TV stars. It also allows the public to know about the new developments in the life of the cast members since their last reality TV appearance. In some cases, the updates also boost their won authenticity in their quest and that of their presence in previous small-screen participations.

It seems that the only part of the Netflix series that might be scripted is its set format. The developments from the tasks set by the showrunners might also be considered set-ups as they lay the groundwork for some crucial developments. However, most, if not all, of the events within the house seem to be in the hands of the cast members. While the decisions made by them can range from warming to heart-breaking, the actions do seem to be coming from a place of genuineness.

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