Where Are The Cast Members of The Circle Season 2 Now?

Hosted by Michelle Buteau, ‘The Circle‘ or ‘The Circle US’ is a reality show wherein contestants move into separate apartments in the same building to play a lighthearted yet strategic game of popularity. The catch, though, is that they are only authorized to interact with each other through a specifically designed titular app, making the entire social media-based competition all the more interesting. After all, it often leads to misunderstandings, cattiness, and a whole mess of events. So now that season 2 is over with, let’s find out how the contestants of this Netflix original are faring today, shall we?

Bryant Wood

Even though Bryant Wood, a model turned wellness guru, was the first to be eliminated, he captured the fans’ attention by being unapologetically himself. He was sincere to a fault, which is why he had to leave so soon. But now, going by the name Angel Ikar, which translates to “the one that touches the sky” in Greek, Bryant continues to be positive and educate the world about yoga, mindfulness, and breathwork. Amongst other things, he is the Director of Influencer Relations at The Krim Group and is the co-founder of Modern Nirvana, a lifestyle brand like no other. Bryant is currently also studying intuitive medicine.

Savannah Palacio

We first met Savannah Palacio as a Los Angeles, California, resident with a job in Capitol Hill. And even though the 25-year-old still holds that post today, her work as an influencer seems to be her top priority. With profiles on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube, all of which are pretty successful, the online personality regularly posts content related to the beauty, wellness, or lifestyle industries. In fact, she has even had the opportunity to partner and collaborate with several brands over the years, which has helped her reach over 457k followers on Instagram.


Terilisha is not only a substitute teacher in her hometown of Dallas, Texas, but she is also a singer, songwriter, and actress. Her debut EP, “The Blue Heart,” came out in 2019, which, combined with her single “Sex So Good,” helped her establish herself in the entertainment industry. Moreover, she can also be seen in the dramatic coming-of-age comedy web series titled ‘#Washed.’ As of today, Terilisha is focusing on releasing new projects as a businesswoman and taking the first steps towards creating a “legacy for myself through philanthropy with my nonprofit ‘Terilisha’s Touch’.”

Khat Bell

As a professional volleyball player, Katherine “Khat” Bell has traveled and lived in locations all over the world while representing various clubs. Soon after she graduated from the University of Texas in mid-2015, she moved to South Korea to play for Caltex Seoul KIXX. Then, she briefly played for the Gigantes de Carolina in Puerto Rico, a couple of Turkish teams, and a Chinese and Filipino club. Most recently, Khat was in Turkey as an outside hitter for Bolu Bld. According to her Instagram, though, she is now back in her hometown of Dallas, Texas, where she is looking forward to starting a new chapter of her life.

Mitchell Eason

Mitchell Eason has listed himself as a mere Public Figure on his Instagram profile, but we’ll be honest, he is so much more. Not only was he the CEO of 360 Media Marketing until December 2020, where he helped firms with their growth via advertising, but he’s also a licensed realtor and insurance agent. Thus, Mitchell serves as a salesperson at Prudential Insurance and Mitchell Eason LLC. Moreover, it seems like he is now hoping to be a full-fledged influencer, for which he has even moved to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California, and launched a YouTube channel.

Jack Atkins

We met 20-year-old Jack Atkins as an astrophysics and economics major who had decided to enter ‘The Circle’ as his friend, 21-year-old Emily. But now, while studying at the University of Chicago, from where he is all set to graduate in 2022, Jack has also managed to attain a large social media presence. With nearly 110k followers on Instagram, a successful Cameo, and a TikTok account where he lets his personality take over, Jack is genuinely on the path to becoming a true entertainer. He has since relocated to Los Angeles, California, and admitted that he would like to participate in other reality shows as well.

Lisa Delcampo

Lisa Delcampo, Lance Bass’ personal assistant, entered ‘The Circle’ as her boss because she thought it would be a fun thing to do, especially as she believes that she knows him better than he knows himself. Although Lisa wasn’t successful at first, she managed to get a second chance alongside Jack, and the two became yet another catfish, John. Now, after it has all been said and done, Lisa is back working for Lance Bass, all the while making a name for herself as a podcaster, hosting ‘Laugh Out Loud with Lisa.’ As per interviews, she and Jack are still good friends.

Lee Swift

At 58-year-old, Lee Swift’s strategy to enter the reality competition as a young student, River, actual name Doak Rapp, paid off. He did not win, but he also wasn’t singled out because of his age or profession, which was his goal from the beginning. Now that he’s undergone the experience of a lifetime, Lee is back in his hometown of Dallas, Texas, where he continues to write novels under different pen names and even create other original content like short stories and screenplays. Up till now, Lee has had over 2 million of his words officially published.

Courtney Revolution

Courtney Linsen, better known as Courtney Revolution, still resides in Los Angeles, California. The digital content creator and pop culture lover, with a YouTube channel, where he hosts a few live shows, and a podcast called ‘Overheard in the Pantry,’ continues to hustle and do what he loves. Courtney’s quirky and fun personality, optimistic nature, and hard-working ethics have helped him reach new heights in his career over the last few years.  If he keeps on the same track, he’ll achieve wonders in no time. We, for one, can’t wait to see what Courtney does next.

Chloe Veitch

Having already met Chloe Veitch on ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ her flirty attitude was no surprise on ‘The Circle’ season 2. However, her familial motivation behind coming on the reality show was. Hoping to use her platform to one day launch an aide foundation for those suffering from addiction, like her dad and late step-brother, Chloe is not only an entertainer but a grounded individual through and through. The model has since created a safe space for herself on Instagram and YouTube, where her followers know everything about her work, from her clothing line to her partnerships with several fashion brands.

DeLeesa Saint Agathe

DeLeesa St. Agathe, or Leesa Unique, who entered the grounds of this social media-based reality series as her husband Trevor, may have initially introduced herself as a stay-at-home mother from the Bronx, but she’s an entrepreneur and video creator. Managing several YouTube channels that contain everything from ASMR to lifestyle to family, DeLessa rightly refers to herself as a Mompreneur now. She also runs a podcast with Trevor and has separate online boutique and gift shops. The couple bought a home a few months ago, and Baby Saint #2 is on the way for them as well.

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