Where is Bryant Wood From The Circle Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ is a competitive reality series about being popular on a social media platform without ever meeting the people who give you the support face to face. The aim is to make an enduring positive impression on your fellow contestants to stay on top of the game and hopefully walk away with the $100,000 grand prize. In season 1, Miranda Bissonnette managed to come close thanks to her one-on-one interactions with Joey Sasso and her active participation in yoga and meditation. So, aspiring to do something similar in season 2 is Bryant Wood, a breathwork teacher.

Who is Bryant Wood?

Although Bryant Wood only introduces himself as a breathwork instructor from Chico, California, on the show, he is so much more than that. From his past struggles to his family to his career, there are multiple intriguing aspects to who he is. For starters, Bryant is a triplet who moved out of his family home in Texas at 15 to find “the perfect adventure.” Talking about his early life in an interview, Bryant said he “had a lot of fun, and acquired some trauma, wonderful wisdom, limiting beliefs, and learned how to be emotionally intelligent.”

Subsequently, he fell in love with wrestling, enrolled in college to study business, traveled, won physique competitions, and eventually competed in Season 22 of ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ Unfortunately, though, he was eliminated when it came down to the top 14. That’s when Bryant realized that he wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry for good and became a fitness and fashion model before spreading his wings to be an actor as well. However, he soon started having an “existential crisis,” leading him to find spirituality.

Where is Bryant Wood Now?

Bryant Wood continues to be an actor while serving as a master breathing instructor and high-performance coach to provide others with the tools to attain a higher level of consciousness. Not only has he been featured in the crime drama series ‘The Bay’ as Kyle and the comedy show ‘This Just In’ as Austin, but he also has a few other yet-to-be-released projects on his resume. These include a television series named ‘Psychosis’ and two films called ‘If She Screams’ and ‘Hardwired.’ Apart from meditation, it seems like thrillers are Bryant’s forte as well.

Bryant Wood further acts as the Director of Influencer Relations at The Krim Group, which connects nonprofits with influencers to create visibility and raise awareness about humanitarian causes. He also seems to be an executive producer within Flowstate Media, where he uses entertainment to transform himself and this planet for the better. But most importantly, Bryant, or Angel Ikar Wood, is the co-founder of Modern Nirvana, an institute that helps “people find their individual nirvana through ancient and modern practices.”

As per his website, Bryant has studied in Buddhist Sanghas, learned from Sufi mystics, participated in rituals with Ancient African IFA high priests, and collaborated with some of the most famous spiritual leaders to reach where he is today. Therefore, as a man of many talents, it’s not surprising that he is currently certified as an NLP practitioner, motivational coach, mental health consultant, and priest, all the while learning intuitive medicine. As Ikar, the one who touches the sky, Bryant tries to each yoga, mindfulness, and motivation worldwide.

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