Where Is The Circle Season 1 Winner Joey Sasso Now?

Joey Sasso is one of the most adored contestants and also the winner of the first season of ‘The Circle US.’ While some people called him a ‘Jersey Shore’ wannabe and some have called him too “extra,” eventually viewers could not help falling in love with Joey. He proved himself to be a fiercely loyal friend who is unafraid to be himself. Although he loves to flirt, Joey has not been disrespectful to any of the women on the show.

Joey’s little quirks and his manner of expressing himself soon stole the hearts of the viewers, garnering him a lot of fans. While various cast members have publicly spoken about how the series has given them friends for life, Joey seems to be on the list of friends for most of them. Are you curious to know more about Joey and what life has been for him after winning the first season of ‘The Circle?’ We’ve got you covered!

Joey Sasso: The Circle Journey

Since Joey Sasso was 3-years-old, he harbored aspirations of being an actor. The Rochester native moved to LA at the age of 18 to pursue his dream, but it wasn’t easy. When the opportunity for ‘The Circle’ came up, Joey was not interested in being a part of a reality show since he believed that it would be the death of his career. However, the concept of the series felt fresh to him, and he decided to give it a shot.

Joey stood out and became the most loved contestant because he built real connections with people. And no, we aren’t just talking about his romance with Miranda. There is a lot more to his friendships with his castmates that we do not see fully on the show. Joey reached out to Shubham when he saw that the latter was ranked last on the first day. He chose to save Chris and Sammie, despite his feelings for Miranda, because it was the right thing to do.

The season 1 winner also spoke openly about how Sean’s elimination was one of the hardest moments for him. Joey was devastated after his final conversation with her. Another memory that Joey holds close to his heart is his one-on-one conversation with Chris. He reached out to Chris because he genuinely wanted to know more about him and Chris openly shared an important aspect of himself and the experiences that shaped him. Joey was touched by the vulnerability and the honesty in that conversation.

Where Is Joey Sasso Now?

The first season of the series was filmed in fifteen days in August 2019. In multiple interviews in January 2020, Joey confirmed that he was still working as a bartender and waiting tables in Los Angeles. He also shared a fun anecdote about his selfie with Adele and Lady Gaga while working at Oil Can Harry’s. However, he hoped that his career as an actor would take off, and he would not have to work as a bartender forever.

Before Joey filmed the first season of ‘The Circle,’ he had wrapped up filming his passion project, a film called ‘Young Lion of the West,’ which has been in the post-production phase for more than seven years. He features in the independent film and has also co-written the script with the director, Joshua VanBuskirk. Joey saw ‘The Circle’ as a one-off thing that he would not want to do again because he wants to focus on building a career in Hollywood.

However, the reality star is concerned that featuring in the reality series will make people look upon him differently when he goes to read scripts. The hard-working and optimistic television personality dreams of working with Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Martin Scorsese someday. In an interview in January 2020, Joey said that he would like to save half of the $100,000 he won through the series and invest the other half in his work.

After ‘The Circle,’ Joey has been co-hosting the show ‘Head or Tails’ that invites experts to answer questions from people on a variety of topics related to COVID-19, student loans, health insurance, and so on. The winner of season 1 of ‘The Circle’ has also started his line of merchandise called the Sasso Fam Collection. Joey continues to live in LA and is in touch with most of the cast members, specifically Shubham, Miranda, Sammie, Alana, and Seaburn.

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