DeLeesa Unique: Where is The Circle Season 2 Winner Now?

With the uber-talented Michelle Buteau as the host, Netflix’s ‘The Circle‘ can only be described as a social media-based competition series wherein the players befriend, flirt, or catfish their way towards $100,000. The aim of the game is popularity, but the catch is that their only means of communication is messages through an internal voice-activated titular app, giving way to sheer anonymity. The one individual who managed to take complete advantage of this aspect was season 2’s winner, DeLeesa Unique — so now, if you wish to learn more about her current standing, here’s what we know!

Who is DeLeesa Unique?

As a then-32-year-old mother of one, DeLeesa St. Agathe, better known as DeLeesa Unique, chose to step into the Netflix original catfishing as her loving, supportive husband, Trevor. She not only understood that there’s a stigma around black women online but also wished to avoid the cattiness of girl fights, which is why she picked this identity and made him a single father. After all, her strategy was to be friends with the men and flirt with the women to rise to the top, all the while staying true to herself, which she succeeded in doing despite quite a few worthy opponents.

Apart from DeLeesa’s (Trevor’s) flirtationship with Chloe Veitch from ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ the reason she didn’t have any major troubles on the show was that she’d done her homework and stayed authentic. “[There] was a big notebook — it had a lot of information in there,” the New York native once told Women’s Health Magazine while detailing her pre-game preparation. “[Trevor] definitely helped me because there were a few nights where I was like, ‘Listen, I need you to sit down, and we need to talk about guy stuff. Like, I need to shoot the ish with you and go back and forth and really see if I can be you but me’… He supports me with everything.”

DeLeesa Unique is Thriving as an Artist Today

Upon winning the massive $100,000 grand prize, DeLeesa Unique did exactly what she said she would — she put a down payment on a good home for their growing family. Instead of New York, though, the Saints chose to settle down in Georgia, where they found a beautiful five-bedroom, three-bathroom accommodation that raised their standard of living. Yet, more importantly, today, DeLeesa is not only a proud wife (married since June 2018) but also a proud mother of two adorable daughters — Toni Abella (born September 2019) and Tori Sky (born May 2021).

DeLeesa’s social media platforms are honestly proof of how much her entire family means to her. Coming to DeLeesa’s professional endeavors, she’s a television personality, an online content creator, an aspiring author, and the founder of two successful online businesses, Be Unique Shoppe as well as The Goodie Box Store. The “mompreneur” truly has her hands full at the moment, especially considering her and her family’s many Instagram and YouTube accounts, the latter of which includes a storytime/beauty channel, a family vlog channel, a couple’s only channel, and an ASMR channel.

Moreover, we should mention that while DeLeesa’s Be Unique Shoppe trades in everything from clothes and wigs to fake eyelashes and nails to socks and sunglasses, The Goodie Box Store essentially is a shop for curated gift boxes. As for the aspiring author facet, it appears as if the Saints are not only developing a reality television show centering around their brood right now, but they’re also working on writing/publishing a series of children’s books. Plus, she has even started to dabble in the world of acting. Honestly, with everything going on, it’s evident that this is just the beginning of DeLeesa’s career, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll do next.

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