The Circle Season 1: Where is the Cast Now?

‘The Circle’ AKA ‘The Circle US’ is a reality show based on the original British series of the same name. In the show, the contestants are isolated in individual apartments, from where they can interact with each other only through the specialized social media platform called “The Circle.” They can either choose to be themselves or make up a persona for the duration of the series. Every now and then, the contestants are asked to rate each other in order to become the “Influencers” of the Circle, thus, gaining the power to “block” the contestant of their choice.

The people who are “blocked” get eliminated, and their identity is revealed to the other players; the remaining contestants have to try and win people over to stay in the game. In the finale, the player with the highest ratings wins the grand prize of $100,000. While the first season introduced interesting people from across the United States to a global audience, you must be curious to know what they are up to now. Here is all that you want to know!

Where Is Chris Sapphire Now?

Since Chris Sapphire’s appearance on the reality series, he has amassed a massive fan following on Instagram. He uses his social media following for the best as he motivates people and spreads messages of positivity. Apart from often partnering with Manscaped, a brand that sells men’s grooming products and tools, the reality television personality has launched his collection of merchandise on the official website of Marek+Richard. He also shares the highlights of his personal life, along with his professional achievements, on his YouTube channel and has even appeared on ‘Dancing Queen.’

Where Is Joey Sasso Now?

Joey Sasso became all the more popular after the show for his lovable personality. He has continued to remain friends with his castmates, especially Shubham, Sammie, and Miranda. The 29-year-old from Rochester has launched his own line of merchandise called the Sasso Fam Collection. Joey is also part of a film called ‘Young Lion of the West,’ which is currently in post-production. He will not only portray the role of Nick Donato, but the reality star has also co-written the script for it. As if this isn’t enough, the Los Angeles, California, resident has even appeared in Peacock’s ‘Girls5eva.’

Where Is Alana Duval Now?

Alana Duval did not last very long in the show and was the first to get blocked as many suspected her to be a catfish. After filming the first season, the swimsuit and lingerie model from Texas is still working with Aston Models in LA. Therefore, it appears as of she currently splits her time between California and Texas. Alana has upped her social media game and now boasts a following of over 161k followers.

Where Is Seaburn Williams Now?

Before joining the show, Seaburn Williams used to work as a caseworker for Victor Human Services. In the series, he played the game by catfishing as Rebecca, using his real-life girlfriend’s name and pictures. Unfortunately, though, they have since parted ways as neither could handle the pressure of dating in the public eye, yet he still thinks she’s a “remarkable individual.” After filming the series, the Boston native decided to work on his physique and may have also done a few modeling assignments and commercials. Moreover, he has also taken an interest in acting, DJ-ing. hosting, and stand-up comedy, DJ-ing, making it clear he’s pursuing a career in entertainment alone.

Where Is Shubham Goel Now?

Shubham is an Indian-American virtual reality designer and software entrepreneur. When he joined the show, he was known for his dislike of social media. However, it looks like his experience on ‘The Circle’ may have brought about some changes regarding how he feels about the same. After all, he continues to be his lovable and goofy self but now shares his funny dance videos and photos on Instagram and TikTok as well.

Some of you may remember him from before his appearance on the series, as he ran for the Governor of California, becoming the youngest candidate for the post. Like Joey and Chris, Shubham AKA Shooby also launched his line of merchandise, mostly sweatshirts and T-shirts. He continues to be great friends with Joey and Seaburn. The most intriguing aspect, though, is that he returned for ‘The Circle’ season 5.

Where Is Samantha “Sammie” Cimarelli Now?

Sammie took a break from grad school by skipping a semester to be a part of the reality series but obtained her Master’s degree in behavior analysis from Russell Sage College after wrapping up the filming. The Miami native aimed to be a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, and her determination helped her fulfill her dream. She actually evolved into a Registered Behavior Technician, but she has since shifted gears to focus entirely on serving as a content creator. Sammie has an impressive following on Instagram as well as her YouTube channel, where the lifestyle, beauty, health influencer promotes various brands, including SavageXFenty, Frame, and Boohoo. Moreover, she’s now a proud mother to an adorable baby boy, whom she shares with her partner, actor Spence Moore II.

Where Is Miranda Bissonnette Now?

Miranda Bissonnette hails from South Lake Tahoe and came to be known for her romantic linkup with fellow castmate Joey. During her interaction with Joey, she opened up a little about her tough childhood and being in the foster care system. However, she has since managed to make the most of her life as she now works as an influencer for a living and is reportedly living in Hawaii. In an interview, she even revealed that sharing her past on the show has helped her connect with many people with similar childhood experiences.

Upon receiving a heartwarming public response for being her true self on the show, Miranda confessed that she is grateful for being able to comfort other people. She also hoped to be an inspiration to other children in foster care. The model, influencer, and travel enthusiast continued to be in touch with Joey and also visited him after they wrapped up filming. So although the two are not together, we believe them to be good friends.

Where Is Antonio DePína Now?

Antonio is a professional basketball player who had traveled to various countries in Europe as part of his work. It thus comes as no surprise that he has since launched Praia League, a professional basketball league in Cape Verde, Africa. 2019, in particular, was a high point in his professional life, especially as he established three businesses, created an app, and converted 15 real estate deals, apart from filming the Netflix show. Therefore, we’re proud to report he was actually named in Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30 list in 2021. As for his current standing, it appears as if he has recently been traveling all across the globe to have some fun and also promote his ventures.

Where Is Karyn Blanco Now?

Karyn, a butch lesbian, hailing from the Bronx, New York, used the persona of Mercedeze — an ultra-femme woman ten years younger than her actual age — in ‘The Circle.’ Besides featuring in the first season of the series, she has also appeared in the 2022 production ‘Face Behind the Dream.’ The reality television personality is also an influencer for brands such as Crown & Glory and Stuzo Clothing, all the while creating original content as well.

Where Are Ed and Tammy Eason Now?

Ed and his mother, Tammy Eason, participated in the series by assuming a virtual identity. In an interview, they revealed that life had been pretty much the same after the show. While Tammy is a real estate agent and also an influencer, Ed has continued focusing on his physique and participating in motorcycle and junk car races, all the while establishing a presence on social media as well. The only difference has been that more people recognize the Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, natives. Tammy also admitted that her son has been getting a lot of attention from women, but he’s happily involved with beauty entrepreneur Miranda Meyer.

Where Is Alex Lake Now?

Alex participated in the series, posing as a five years younger guy, Adam. After his appearance on the show, he has continued to work as a multidisciplinary artist and lives with his wife, Gina Röckenwagner. The couple celebrated their third wedding anniversary in June 2022. Not much is known about Alex, but he is proud to be a “cat dad” as well as an “opera aficionado.” Plus, he is always happy to reconnect with fellow participants of ‘The Circle,’ whether from his own season or the ensuing ones.

Where Is Bill Cranley Now?

Bill Cranley was acting and modeling part-time before he decided to participate in the show. He was also working as a digital marketing manager in the auto industry, because of which he was unable to pay attention to his aspirations in the entertainment industry. You may recognize him as Ben Wilcomb from a 2020 episode of ‘Chicago P.D.’ In an interview since then, the Illinois resident shared that he planned on enrolling in acting and improv classes, which have apparently helped him land several television as well as print ads.

Where Is Sean Taylor Now?

Although Sean left her social media job following ‘The Circle,’ she continues to spread the message of body positivity on her own social media platforms. She has revealed that people from all over the world have been contacting her with heartwarming messages about how she inspired them to be who they truly are. We should mention the New York City resident is currently in a happy, healthy, loving relationship with Eric Stormy, who she is set to marry in 2023.

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