Where is Savannah Palacio Now?

Produced by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group, Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ is a reality competition series that features its contestants moving into the same apartment complex but different flats, never to meet each other face-to-face. After all, as the aim of the game is to be popular, the players are only allowed to interact through the profiles they’ve created on a specially-designed social media app, making things very tricky. The one who survives the drama, along with the twists and turns, gets to take home the $100,000 grand prize. And Savannah Palacio is one such hopeful in Season 2 of ‘The Circle.’

Who is Savannah Palacio?

Savannah Palacio is a half-Mexican and half-Filipino, California-born-and-raised individual whose looks, combined with her intelligence, make her the perfect contestant for this social strategy show. Born on March 17, 1996, she grew up with three siblings in a single-parent household due to her father’s imprisonment, but it seems like she’s now close to them all. In an interview, Savannah said that the things she values the most are the beliefs her parents ingrained in her — her father’s mantra, “laziness creates more work,” and speaking out for what one believes in.

As a graduate of California State University, Northridge, with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, and a minor in Political Science, Savannah was not only a sorority girl, but she was also on the dean’s list for an association. Therefore, it’s no surprise that she got hired to work as a Public Relations Officer (Intern) at House Majority PAC. More importantly, though, Savannah is already an established social media influencer, having started down the road during her last years of college. In fact, she gained so much traction within a short time that it, and self-management, became her profession.

Where is Savannah Palacio Now?

Savannah Palacio still serves in Capitol Hill. However, her work online now seems to be her top priority. Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, the influencer has a successful profile on all three platforms. She mostly shares pictures or small clips of herself related to the beauty or lifestyle industry on the former. But on the latter, it seems like she posts anything she feels like — vlogs, challenges, her routines, storytimes, etc. The fact that Savannah has had the opportunity to partner with several brands and go on lavish vacations over the last few years are also highlighted through all these.

With that said, Savannah still manages to stay true to who she is, which again goes back to her values. “There are a lot of negative stigmas that come with [having a large following],” she said in an interview with Beauty By Us. “But having that type of outreach trumps any type of negativity that anybody could ever say about [being a social media influencer]…With big platforms like mine, I just want to make sure that I utilize it to the best of my ability because…I want to be a good example…because if you have this type of influence why would you choose to not use it for good?”

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