Where is Lisa Delcampo From The Circle Now?

A show where strangers only get to interact with one another through a specifically designed social media platform despite residing in the same apartment complex to obtain popularity, Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ is a reality competition with $100,000 at stake. It is suspenseful, dramatic, cynical of human nature, and sometimes even cringy. After all, with anonymity being the only constant throughout the contest, the players have free reign to enter as whoever they please, resulting in a few catfishes. And in season 2, the one who decided to take full advantage of this aspect is Lisa Delcampo.

Who is Lisa Delcampo?

We meet Lisa Delcampo on episode 3 of ‘The Circle’ season 2 as a 42-year-old personal assistant for Lance Bass, the now fitness model and artist who rose to fame as a member of the uber-popular 90s boy band *NSYNC. In her own words, not only has Lisa been working for the superstar for over 15 years and was a big fan of his music back in the day, but she also thinks she knows “Lance Bass better than Lance Bass knows Lance Bass.” So, she decided that entering as her boss and convincing the world that she’s him would be a fun thing to do.

The strategy behind this move for Lisa was simple; people get starstruck, and because she understands Lance, she’ll not only be able to play him well, but she’ll also be able to get away with much more. Of course, the fact that Lisa chose to be someone famous means that she can rarely be herself, especially while talking one-on-one with the other players, but whether that’ll work out in her favor in the long run or not, we’ll have to wait and see. For now, though, because we know that ‘The Circle’ was filmed in 2020, let’s find out where Lisa is today.

Where is Lisa Delcampo Now?

Hailing from Everett, Washington, Lisa Delcampo graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations in 2001. Following this, she spent a couple of years working as a Senior Publicist at PR Plus before joining Lance Bass Productions as a Personal Assistant in 2005. Since then, Lisa has been providing the entertainer with media, legal, administrative as well as personal support. In other words, in her 15 years as an attendant, she has done much more than just take Lance’s dogs for walks and grooming.

In fact, Lisa travels the world with her boss thanks to his career and has even made a few public appearances with him on BravoTV and SiriusXM’s radio shows. Yet, her base is in Hollywood, in Los Angeles, California. The fact that Lisa laughs a lot and can always be seen smiling is why Lance called her “Giggles” in his message on ‘The Circle.’ She even corroborates this in her Instagram bio by writing, “I’m just a girl who loves to travel 🧳, read 📚, watch tv 📺, giggle 😂 and drink A LOT of Diet Coke🥤on a quest to find the perfect chicken finger. 🍗”

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