What is Terilisha Theorem? Is it Really a Maths Theory?

Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ season 2 introduces us to many new and fascinating characters who move into the same apartment building in an attempt to be named the Top Influencer and win the $100,000 grand prize. Among them is singer-songwriter Terilisha, who says she’s a substitute teacher considered cool by her students due to her long blue hair. She also describes herself as a vegan and Leo, with two degrees in both Math and Science. In fact, she even mentions coming up with a math theorem once. And now, if you’re curious to know more about it, we’ve got the details for you.

Terilisha Theorem: Is it Really a Maths Theory?

When Terilisha, who quickly became a fan favorite due to her honest nature, ability to raise drama, and brains to match her beauty and talent, introduced herself in the first episode of ‘The Circle’ season 2, she hinted towards being a maths whizz of sorts. “Behind this is a very smart cookie,” she stated. “Math just happened to be my strong suit growing up. In high school I came up with a mathematical theorem called ‘Terilisha’s Theorem.’ Math is cool!”

Unfortunately, even though the recording artist has mentioned this theory of hers quite a few times over the years, it has never been published. So, we have no idea about what it is, how accurate it is, or what it could even be related to. “If I wasn’t a singer… I’d be a teacher…I love history! (I LOVE EGYPTIAN HISTORY) And math and science. 📜📊🔬,” Terilisha wrote in a Facebook post back in 2014. “When I was in high school, I created a mathematical theorem called “Terilisha’s Theorem.” My goal is to one day have it published in math books. 😊 #BeautyAndBrains.”

In other words, we won’t learn what Terilisha’s Theorem is until she gets published or decides to share it with the world on her own one day. But, keeping her above-mentioned social media post in mind, the fact that she managed to achieve one of her career goals by becoming a teacher (albeit substitute) makes us think that she’ll definitely be able to land her thesis in a math book sooner or later. And that way, she’ll be able to boast about her academic qualifications further, adding the title of a published math scholar to her double degrees in math and science.

On ‘The Circle,’ the established entertainer’s profile states, “Double degree for the love of science and math. I sing a little, I love a lot. I’m a Leo, vegan, I enjoy yoga and having a great time. No squares in my Circle.” She further compared herself to a lion and said that she wasn’t about that “kumbaya shit,” meaning that she didn’t enter this reality competition to make friends, which she made very clear in the first four episodes itself with her behavior towards Savannah Palacio.

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