Domenica and Jack: Is the MAFS Australia Couple Still Together?

Nine Network’s Australian television show ‘Married at First Sight’ is an experimental reality series that couples strangers in an arranged marriage set-up to see if they click. The show has grown a steady legion of fans who wait with bated breath to see if their favorite couple will stand together after the season finale. Season 9 saw two Sydney natives, Domenica Calarco, a 28-year-old Italian make-up artist, and Jack Millar, a 26-year-old financial planner, sign up to test their luck.

The experts matched the pair, and they instantly bonded on their Italian background, love for dogs, and vegetarianism. However, despite seeming like the perfect team, the pair did face their share of downs, which they had to deal with throughout the experiment. But quite some time has elapsed since the season ended, and fans have been wondering whether Domenica ‘Dom’ and Jack were able to make their relationship last despite their topsy-turvy ride.

Domenica and Jack Seemed Like The Perfect Match

The first time a nervous Jack had laid eyes on Dom was at the altar. As she nervously walked up to him, an ever-beaming Jack had exclaimed, “You look beautiful,” almost instantly calming her nerves. This paved the way for the couple to bond over how nervous they were about meeting and marrying each other. However, seeing the spark in their eyes, it was evident that both had liked the partners they’d matched with. Conversations led to the realization that both shared a similar sense of humor and while Jack’s family belonged to northern Italy, Dom’s were from the south.

As vows were read, both couldn’t contain their excitement of embarking on the journey together. At the end of the ceremony, when Jack’s furry friend Finn made an entry, Dom was left delighted beyond words. On seeing his best friend’s approval of his bride-to-be, Jack was just as happy. While things had gone off to a great start, Dom still hadn’t shared about her previous marriage and divorce with Jack. As the wedding night came to a close, the couple had a moment to themselves, and she told him about her previous relationship.

However, she was relieved when Jack made it clear that he had no intentions of judging her based on her past. This was just the start, as the couple’s relationship kept growing from strength to strength. Just as things started to go in their favor, the couple faced an unexpected roadblock. Throughout the experiment, Dom was in a constant feud with fellow bride Olivia Frazer, and to make things dirty, the latter ended up releasing nude pictures of Dom to the other castmates. When the matter came to light at one of the Couple’s Dinner Parties, it strained the couple’s relationship a little.

Dom and Jack, despite seeming like the perfect pair, also struggled with issues of intimacy. The matter had become so serious that at the Final Dinner Party, Dom had raised concerns about whether their relationship had longevity, leaving him worried about their future. However, as the Final Vows day approached, Jack was quite clear about where he stood about his feelings for Dom but was unsure of what she felt.

Jack read his vows and laid his heart bare in front of her. “You have made this experiment one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Not anything else, you. So, Domenica, I would love to continue this relationship in the outside world because I truly do believe we have something great,” he concluded. As Dom began sharing her vows, Jack hoped his heart wouldn’t be broken. Assuring him she was in it just as much as he was, Dom told Jack, “You are a one-in-a-million guy. I’m hoping that we can continue what we have into the real world because right now it is too special to let go.” And just like that, they chose to walk out of the experiment together, prepared to see their relationship in the real world outside.

Domenica is Focused on Her Life, While Jack is Now a Proud Father

Dom and Jack, one of the most loved couples of season 9, eventually chose to call it quits some weeks after the final vows. Fans learned of the development when Dom and Jack showed up at the reunion dinner separately. While they seemed unsure why their romance fizzled out after leaving the show, they continued to love and respect each other. Unlike most splits, the former couple have remained close friends. After Dom and Jack separated, he found love with Love Island Australia star Courtney Stubbs. The couple made their relationship social media official in July 2022.

While initially doing long-distance, Courtney eventually relocated to Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Jack and Courtney announced their pregnancy through a social media post and welcomed their baby girl, Penelope June Millar, into the world on November 10, 2023. The madly-in-love couple often post pictures of their fun trips together and share glimpses of their daughter, Jack’s pet Finn, and their family and friends. The fun-loving financial planner also got himself his first brand-new car on August 17, 2023. Jack currently hosts his own podcast called ‘Mind This Space’ with Nine Podcasts, where he talks to guests about mental health and their wellness journeys.

Meanwhile, Dom had a couple of relationships after she and Jack split. She started dating a mystery man in 2022, but the couple struggled with a long-distance relationship, leading them to split sometime after. In July 2023, she opened up about her new relationship on ‘Listnr Radio.’ However, she prefers keeping the details of the romance private. Dom also participated in season 9 of ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!’ Australia. She is also the co-host of the podcast ‘Sit With Us,’ along with Ella May Ding, and has recently collaborated with the Australian skincare brand Orro +Co. Dom is quite active on social media and keeps fans updated with the happenings of her life.

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