Elizabeth and Sebastian: Has the MAFS Australia Couple Split?

In Nine Network’s ‘Married at First Sight,’ experts pair single people with each other in a social experiment to test their compatibility. The series, released in Australia in 2015, has been a massive hit with viewers who can’t wait to see whether their favorite pairs click or fail. In season 7, Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Sobinoff, a New South Wales native, and Sebastian ‘Seb’ Guilhaus from Adelaide signed up on the show midway to try their luck. While she was a returning bride from season 6, he had been single for eight years and had had one serious relationship so far.

Both were hopeful of finding love on the show and believed they’d be able to meet their special someone who would get them. The two soon clicked, and sparks began to fly, making viewers hopeful of a potential success story. While it has been some time since the season aired, fans have been wondering whether Elizabeth and Sebastian’s relationship eventually stood the test of time.

Elizabeth and Sebastian Wanted to Take Things Slow on the Show

After having her heart stomped over in the previous season, Lizzie, then 28, found herself returning, once again out of her faith in love. However, she was also terrified of being hurt again. Luckily for her, she got paired with Seb, then 31, a sensitive soul who believed there’s more to a person than their looks. The pair was introduced on their wedding day and hit it off instantly. While it took Seb a while to recognize his bride from MAFS Season 6, it didn’t matter to him because he had found her just as lovely back then too.

Despite carrying the wounds from her previous wedding to Sam, Lizzie was comforted by a supportive Seb, leading them to have a good time. Meanwhile, Lizzie’s mother, Gillian, worried about her daughter, given her past experience, gave Seb an intense grilling. But to the delight of everyone, he managed to pass it with ease. Having missed out on a honeymoon experience last year, Lizzie was delighted to go to Port Macquarie with Seb. While things were going well between them, a couple’s activity and sensitive jokes about cheating led to traumatic flashbacks. However, when Seb told Lizzie that he could see himself falling in love with her, she too agreed that their pairing had some potential.

Their progress hit a stumble when Seb belittled Lizzie for being “unhealthy.” Dealing with chronic illnesses, she was extremely hurt by his comment. She sat him down and detailed the impact his words had on him. The conversation led to renewed intimacy, understanding, and openness for the couple. At a Dinner Party, Seb stood up for Lizzie when accusatory questions were thrown at her. This left a significant impact on her.

To show that he’d been paying attention to her interests on their Final Date, Seb took Lizzie to the Jamala Wildlife Lodge. Both had heartfelt conversations where they discussed their fears about what the future held and shared their feelings for each other. However, their decision to take things slow, wary of the future, and their jitters about love meant that neither openly confessed at their final Dinner party. But this also didn’t prevent them from committing to each other at the Final Vows.

Elizabeth Embraced Motherhood While Sebastian Is Getting His Life on Track

Lizzie and Seb, the much-in-love couple, chose to take their romance beyond the show and continued being together even after the cameras stopped rolling. All seemed going well for the couple, who celebrated their first anniversary in October 2020. However, fans were soon left heartbroken to see them split a couple of months after their anniversary. In a joint post, the pair announced their decision to mutually separate on social media on January 11, 2021. However, the former couple didn’t specify the reason for their split. The break-up was hard on both, with Lizzie taking to social media to share how heartbroken and difficult it was for her. Seb, too shared his heartbreak in a difficult year, where he spoke of the death of his kitten and his near-death experience, followed by a relocation to Sydney, which he regretted.

A few months after his split from Lizzie, Seb was spotted with his new girlfriend, Ania Kilic. The pair had known each other for 10 years before their relationship, but it was only in September 2021 that they decided to take their friendship to the next stage. The pair were inseparable and were often seen sharing love-up pictures on their social media. They even joined the adult subscription site ‘OnlyFans’ together in April 2022.

While all seemed to be going well for the two, they sadly separated a year later. There were rumors of him dating his MAFS co-star Oliver Frazer in 2023. However, the latter put all gossip to rest in a candid Q and A on her social media. In July 2023, Seb had a brush with the law and was arrested for alleged drug trafficking. The former football player was granted bail in August 2023. Seb currently maintains a low profile and stays away from social media to focus on himself.

Meanwhile, Lizzie, too, found romance with Alexander Vega, an engineer, in late 2021. While initially keeping his identity a secret, she eventually revealed him to her fans in April 2022. The couple got engaged in August 2022 and married each other on January 28, 2023. The pair were blessed with a baby girl on November 11, 2023, but the doting parents have chosen to keep her identity guarded. Lizzie is quite active on social media, and the hands-on mother often shares lovely snaps of her baby girl, her husband, and their friends and family.

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