Dominique Defoe: Where is the Perfect Match Star Now?

The second season of Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match’ introduced an intriguing mix of singles searching for love in their unique ways. While each participant had impressive qualities and quirks that drew attention, Dominique Defoe stood out to everyone. Confident, charming, and unyielding in her convictions, she never hesitated to express what she wanted to pursue and was unapologetic about it. A fierce and inspiring woman, her journey on the season, as well as her journey in life, is equally fascinating to watch unfold.

Dominique Defoe Was Unapologetically Herself on the Show

In the second season, Dominique Defoe introduced herself as a contestant from the fourth season of ‘Too Hot to Handle.’ She had previously shared her sexual orientation as a bisexual woman and expressed her curiosity about how things would unfold for her on this reality TV series. She stated that she was looking for love but was aware of her weaknesses for men who were overall not good for her. Determined to make healthy decisions, she aimed to ensure a positive experience for herself.

At first glance, Dominique was interested in Bryant and excited to see how things would progress with him. She got to know him, and the two agreed to match for the first game. Before taking the plunge, she felt that things with Bryant would turn into a passionate affair or lead to constant arguments. Unfortunately, her latter apprehensions quickly came true. She thought she was being pushed over and even had a minor breakdown due to how things went with Bryant.

For the next round, when two new contestants were introduced, Dominique was given a chance to go on a date with one of them, Chris Hahn. The two went rowing, and she confided in Chris that she was matched up with someone but was experiencing a personality clash that was not in her favor. When she returned to the house with Chris, she clarified that her time with him had made her feel calm and relieved. Even though Bryant was her type in many ways, and she found him physically attractive, her connection with Chris was more genuine.

However, things did not go well with Chris either. Dominique felt that he was probing too much about her sexuality, which was uncomfortable and disrespectful to her. She sensed that he would not be able to understand what it meant to be her fully. While their connection was dwindling, two new women, Jessica Vestal and Alara Taneri, entered for the next round. When it was time for the contestants to pair up, she couldn’t find a match and felt it was better to be alone than with people she did not want to be with.

Dominique Defoe is a Working as a Writer Today

Dominique Defoe has now established herself as a prominent reality TV star for Netflix, having participated in both ‘Perfect Match’ and ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 4. She is frequently seen at their events, dazzling in glamorous outfits that match her vibrant personality. Her public persona has enabled her to build a strong digital presence, where she documents and shares aspects of her life with her fans. She boasts about 125k followers on Instagram and maintains a significant presence on TikTok. Additionally, she has an LTK store and a profile on the Amazon Storefront, making her curated style and personal favorites accessible to her fans.

Dominique’s style and confidence have made her a favorite among several brands she frequently collaborates with, including PrettyLittleThing, Tarte Cosmetics, and Luli Fama Swimwear. In addition to her work as a reality TV star, she is also a writer and storyteller, maintaining a separate page where she shares snippets of her writing in aesthetically pleasing formats. She has had a long and illustrious career as a Sales Development Representative for Yelp and Greystar. She is a Computer Science graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder. Since 2022, she has focused solely on her career as a content creator and has made significant strides in the industry.

Dominique also has skills as a ballet dancer, though she has been out of touch with the form for some time. She has openly shared her struggles with mental health, including her ongoing battles with depression and ADHD. A loud and proud feminist, Dominique is currently working on a book, which is her primary focus at the moment. With numerous aspirations and immense potential, nothing is stopping her from achieving everything she desires.

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