Dominique Saint-Hilaire: Where is the Former Raëlian Now?

Netflix’s documentary ‘Raël: The Alien Prophet’ brings together individuals affiliated with the Raëlian movement, spanning from long-time members to those who joined in more recent years. Each person recounts their individual journeys by sharing their unique experiences within the movement, detailing how they became associated with it. The documentary also features Dominique Saint-Hilaire, who came forward to provide insights into her involvement with the Raëlian movement.

Who is Dominique Saint-Hilaire?

Dominique Saint-Hilaire became a member of the Raëlian movement in 1987. She described herself as a “battered woman” who sought solace within the group. Her transformative journey led her to visit Eden, the Raëlians’ haven in France, in 1988. There, she discovered a profound sense of love still alive in the world. Dominique expressed that her experience at Eden was unparalleled, adding that the environment was free from the weight of societal norms and unrestricted by conventional rules. Additionally, she highlighted how the place served as a refuge for couples belonging to the LGBTQ+ community who faced societal non-acceptance in the 1980s.

When the accusation of child abuse started gaining momentum in France in the 1990s, Dominique said that she “couldn’t see what danger they were talking about.” She recounted that in the early 2000s, Raël established an “Order of the Angels,” composed of women prepared to welcome the Elohim upon their arrival on Earth. The women of the “White Feathers” group were expected to serve Elohim, Raël and other people, whereas the “Pink Feathers” were especially for Elohim and Raël. Dominique herself participated in a gathering known as an “angels meeting.” She said, “For an hour, we passed cups of tea to one another. We did a tea ceremony, like the Japanese ritual.”

Dominique added, “I thought, ‘What are we getting into?’ What is this? We are not geishas.’ But actually we were.” She revealed that after reading the article in Playboy, her perception of Raël shifted towards seeing him as a sex maniac. At that point, she concluded that if the Elohim were genuine, she did not want to welcome them to Earth in that manner. Unable to tolerate it any longer, she made the decision to leave the movement in 2000. After being a member for over 13 years and serving as a Level 3 guide assistant, she publicly shared her reasons for departure, stating that she believed Raël to be a self-serving man driven by his desires.

In an interview, Dominique bravely disclosed that she had witnessed Raël with girls aged 16, 17, and 18. Even her own 18-year-old daughter, who had joined the movement, was allegedly summoned by Raël. Feeling compelled to speak out, Dominique emphasized the need for someone to address these issues, as she believed not enough people were doing so. Reflecting on her experience, she expressed the realization that cults can be incredibly dangerous, highlighting her sense of manipulation and the limitations on her ability to think independently within the group dynamic.

Dominique Saint-Hilaire Has Publicly Denounced the Group

Dominique Saint-Hilaire candidly shared her reasons for leaving the Raëlian group in a testimonial on the movement’s website. According to her account, by the mid-1990s, the group’s rules had become increasingly stringent, with members pressured to sell more books and contribute financially to support Raël’s participation in car racing. The controversy surrounding cloning served as a tipping point for her departure, and she began to identify fundamental flaws in the teachings and principles espoused by the group.

There are reports indicating that Dominique Saint-Hilaire faced legal action from Raël following her interview. Despite any legal challenges, she has remained steadfast in her goal of raising doubts among people within the Raëlian movement. Dominique has chosen to maintain a low profile in her life since then, continuing her denouncement of the religious group.

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