Doomsday Preppers Season 4: Where Are The Cast Members Now?

Season 4 of National Geographic Channel’s ‘Doomsday Preppers’ premiered in February 2014, offering the audience a glimpse into the diverse and often extreme preparations undertaken by individuals and families anticipating various doomsday events. The season provided a platform for showcasing an array of survivalist techniques, from elaborate underground bunkers to off-grid living solutions, as cast members shared their perspectives on preparedness for catastrophic events.

In various episodes, cast members demonstrated their resourcefulness and dedication to safeguarding against potential disasters. From alternative energy sources to innovative shelter designs, the season has offered a mix of practical tips and unconventional solutions for navigating uncertain times. While the details of their current whereabouts might not be as readily available because of the nature of the show and the cast’s choices to maintain privacy, there have been occasional updates on some individuals.

Nick Klein is Now a Family Man

Nick Klein, following his appearance on ‘Doomsday Preppers,’ has not only sustained his commitment to preparedness but has also expanded his involvement in the realm of self-sufficiency. As the owner of Hostile Hare, Klein has taken a unique approach by providing a comprehensive solution that includes the supply of rabbits, purpose-built cages, and educational resources. One notable innovation in his repertoire is the “Hare-o-ponic” cage system, showcasing his dedication to sustainable and efficient practices in the rabbit farming domain.

Hostile Hare, with its dedicated website, stands as a testament to Klein’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to offering practical solutions for those interested in raising rabbits for various purposes. Whether for meat, fur or as part of a self-sufficient lifestyle, his business caters to a diverse audience seeking to embrace a more sustainable approach to their food sources. In addition to his role as a business owner, Klein has expanded his influence as the Co-Host of the ‘We Grow Ours’ podcast.

This platform allows him to engage with a global audience, discussing a wide range of topics that span from planting practices to prepping methodologies. The podcast is an educational resource, offering insights and information for individuals interested in enhancing their self-sufficiency skills. Beyond the professional sphere, he leads a fulfilling personal life. He is happily married and father to two children, Rory and Lucas. He has embraced the challenges and joys of family life in San Tan Valley.

Chuck Vessey Has Ventured Into The Domain of Sustainable Living

Chuck Vessey, along with his wife, Heather Vessey, has ventured into the domain of sustainable living by establishing the Vessey Ranch. Their journey began in late 2019 when they decided to raise and sell meat chickens. Taking practical steps, in April 2020, they completed their first batch of birds. The Vessey Ranch has since evolved into a hub of knowledge, with Chuck and Heather dedicating themselves to educating others on the art and science of raising meat chickens. Expanding their agricultural endeavors, the couple has also invested in Microgreens, showcasing their commitment to diverse and sustainable farming practices.

In line with their holistic approach to farming, they are involved in raising goats. Their location outside Winnsboro in East Texas provides them with the space and resources to pursue these agricultural ventures. Chuck’s foray into sustainable farming not only fulfills their commitment to a self-sufficient lifestyle but also contributes to the broader movement of responsible and ethical farming practices. By imparting their knowledge to others, they play a role in empowering individuals to embrace a more hands-on and sustainable approach to food production.

Jimi Falcon is Working in The Field of Music and Arts Today

Jimi Falcon has taken a different path by assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer at Falcons Roost Music and Arts, a mountain venue. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, he mentions on his Facebook profile that he is working at the History Channel. Residing in Missoula, Montana, Jimi’s diverse engagements reflect a multifaceted personality involved in both the arts and historical storytelling.

Cindy Stewart is Now Leading a Private Life

Cindy Stewart, the owner of Full Moon Taxidermy, has been actively involved in the realm of taxidermy and deer processing. Her dedication is further reflected in her role at the Houston & Hunter Memorial Youth Hunt, emphasizing her commitment to fostering youth participation in hunting experiences. The specifics of her professional journey also include her operation of deer processing. While Cindy’s professional endeavors have been noteworthy, her personal life appears to have changed. Separated from her husband, her familial dynamics have evolved.

Notably, she is a mother to a son named Adam, who also actively contributes to the Houston & Hunter Memorial Youth Hunt. However, since 2017, updates regarding Cindy have become scarce, leaving a gap in understanding her current pursuits and activities. The absence of recent information makes it challenging to trace the trajectory of her professional and personal life beyond that point.

Rod Keith Godfrey Passed Away in 2021

Image Credit: WTAP News

Rodney Keith Godfrey, the owner and operator of Pine Creek Farms, passed away in 2021. He marked the end of his journey in Grantsville, Utah. As the proprietor of Pine Creek Farms, his contributions to the farming domain were notable during his tenure. Rod’s passing is a poignant reminder of the transient nature of life.

Karissa Baca Still Identifies Herself as The CEO 

Karissa Baca, who still identifies as the CEO of Bird Brain Farms, epitomizes a dynamic and innovative approach to homesteading, prepping, and sustainable living. As the leader of Bird Brain Farms, she collaborates with her husband, Marcelo Baca, in a venture that extends beyond traditional farming to encompass a diverse range of offerings. At Bird Brain Farms, the Bacas engage in a multifaceted enterprise that includes the sale of pygmy goats, unique birds, artisan jewelry, and beyond-organic food. Their commitment to resourceful living is evident in the various services they provide, such as labor and consulting services, catering to both preppers and life hackers alike. The micro-farm they have established serves as a testament to their dedication to homesteading, where they actively build and live on the property.

A significant project spearheaded by Karissa is the ‘Find Cures & Save A Community Jewel.’ This initiative reflects a commitment to finding cures for the incurable while simultaneously delving into the intricacies of homesteading, micro-farming, and self-sustainability. It encapsulates the Bacas’ big goals and their continuous quest for learning in the realm of off-grid living. While the current status of the company’s website is non-functional, the journey exudes a sense of optimism and hope for the flourishing of Bird Brain Farms.

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