Survivor 36: Where Are The Contestants Now?

‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ emerged as the 36th season of the widely acclaimed CBS competitive reality television series. Premiering on February 28, 2018, the season introduced a captivating new theme that revolved around the concept of redemption and the haunting legacies of past ‘Survivor’ mistakes. As the show continued to evolve, it showcased its ability to reinvent itself and keep audiences engaged. As the season concluded, the contestants were scattered into different realms. To discover where the winds of time have carried them today, let us venture into the uncharted territories of their new journeys.

Wendell Holland is a Furniture Designer

Wendell Holland, the triumphant winner of ‘Survivor 36,’ has crafted a successful professional life after his time on the show. Utilizing his winnings, Wendell expanded his furniture business and settled his student loans. Notably, he co-hosted the HGTV home improvement series ‘Hot Mess House’ in 2020. Wendell showcased his competitive spirit on ‘Beach Cabana Royale’ in 2021 and tackled challenges on Amazon Prime FreeVee’s ‘The GOAT’ in 2023 as well. But Wendell’s personal life has been a rollercoaster. Reportedly, he dated fellow ‘Survivor’ winner Michele Fitzgerald for a short period. When this relationship didn’t go well, he found love again with Chelsea Brooks, who gave birth to their son, Wendell Carter, in May 2023.

However, this joyous occasion didn’t last long. As per Collider’s reports, Wendell allegedly got involved romantically with a new ‘Survivor’ winner, resulting in his breakup from Chelsea. He candidly addressed his struggles, expressing regret for dishonesty and creating an unfair situation for all parties involved. After this controversy, he has now immersed himself in the world of podcasting. Co-hosting ‘Brice And Wen Present’ with Brice Izyah, he engages with fans and shares insights into his evolving journey. Professionally, Wendell has also embraced his role as a Furniture Designer at Beve Unlimited. Currently, he resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Domenick Abbate is a Construction Supervisor

Domenick Abbate has diversified his ventures after he took the title of ‘Survivor 36’ runner-up. In 2022, he showcased his resilience on CBS’s ‘The Challenge: USA,’ securing a commendable 3rd place finish. Beyond the limelight, Domenick serves as a Construction Supervisor at Street Restoration, showcasing his leadership skills. Family holds a significant place in Domenick’s life. Married to Kristin Messina Abbate, he cherishes moments with his three children. Often documented on social media, their family adventures take them to various picturesque locations, the most recent being Capitol Reef National Park. Balancing his role as a chef and a photographer, Domenick exemplifies a multifaceted approach to life in Nesconset, New York.

Laurel Johnson is Married Now

Runner-up Laurel Johnson from ‘Survivor 36’ has gracefully transitioned into life post-reality TV. Currently residing in Houston, Texas, she channels her expertise as a Financial Consultant. In October 2022, Laurel tied the knot with Will Harris, marking a significant milestone in her life. Known for her discretion, Laurel has chosen to keep her personal life under wraps, steering clear of social media revelations and embracing a more private existence.

Angela Perkins Stays Away From Social Media

Angela Perkins, a ‘Survivor 36’ semi-finalist, holds an impressive academic accolade. A graduate of Columbia Southern University (CSU), she received the distinguished title of Outstanding Famous Graduate from the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) in 2019. Previously, Angela dedicated her professional endeavors to serving the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and bringing her expertise to the forefront. Beyond her career, she has ventured into the hospitality sector, working as a server at a Buffalo Wings & Rings establishment in Cincinnati. While Angela maintains a low profile on social media, the joy and responsibility of being a parent to a son and a daughter undoubtedly marks her life. As we send positive vibes her way, we hope Angela is thriving in health and happiness.

Donathan Hurley’s Maw Maw Passed Away in 2023

Donathan Hurley has been on an inspiring journey since his time on the show. He has now invested in a home for his family, exemplifying his commitment to their well-being. Beyond reality TV, Donathan engages in charitable events, contributing to causes like Hearts of Reality to support Give Kids The World (GKTW). While talking to Entertainment Weekly, he revealed that he is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and uses dance to spread the message that love knows no boundaries. His passion extends to nature and portrait photography, capturing the surrounding beauty. In the realm of personal challenges, Donathan faced the loss of his beloved grandmother, affectionately known as Maw Maw, in September 2023. Despite this, he continues to make a positive impact, having achieved the State Registered Nurse status in January 2023. As a devoted uncle, Donathan delights in moments spent with his nephews and nieces, creating cherished memories for his family.

Sebastian Noel Continues to Be a Fishing Guide

Sebastian Noel, the affable fishing guide from ‘Survivor 36,’ has continued to cast his net in the world of fishing. Still serving as a fishing guide and private captain, Sebastian has remained deeply passionate about his maritime pursuits. While the romantic tides have changed, with his previous relationship with fellow castaway Jenna Bowman coming to an end, Sebastian remains committed to his love for the sea. In 2023, he ventured into new challenges on CBS’s ‘The Challenge: USA 2,’ showcasing his versatility beyond the ‘Survivor’ realm.

Currently residing in Satellite Beach, Florida, Sebastian contributes his skills to Free Fly Apparel. Addressing his friendship with Tori Deal, another ‘The Challenge’ contestant, Sebastian shared with Entertainment Weekly that they’ve reportedly become close friends in Miami, emphasizing a platonic connection but just as friends. As Sebastian navigates both the waves and relationships, his journey continues to be as captivating as the open sea.

Kellyn Bechtold is a Holistic Career Coach

As a Holistic Career Coach at Kellyn Bechtold Coaching, Kellyn Bechtold’s mission is to assist the undervalued and exhausted in achieving financial success with less stress. Kellyn has diversified her impact with a career background that includes roles at Stage, NextHealth Technologies, and P2Binvestor Inc. Beyond coaching, Kellyn has extended her reach as the host of the ‘Road to Reality’ podcast on ‘Rob Has A Podcast.’ In March 2023, she assumed the role of a Board Member at Daniel’s Place, showcasing her commitment to broader community engagement. Currently residing with her husband Adrian Macon, Kellyn’s journey from a ‘Survivor’ strategist has been marked by purpose and passion.

Chelsea Townsend is an Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant

Chelsea Leiter has taken on a multi-faceted life journey post-show. She exchanged vows with Ethan Leiter in November 2021 and subsequently welcomed their daughter, Laina Jo Leiter, on October 13, 2022. She plays a pivotal role as an Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant at Northern Arizona Healthcare and resides in Flagstaff, Arizona. Chelsea’s commitment to her profession is evident in her licensure from the American Heart Association. Her journey, as outlined on social media, reflects the delicate balancing act of motherhood, marriage, and a thriving medical career. With each step, Chelsea exemplifies the art of gracefully navigating life’s intricate dance.

Michael Yerger is a Fashion Model Now

Michael Yerger has developed into a polymath after the show. As the co-founder of Budro, a clothing brand, he seamlessly combines entrepreneurship with his passion for fashion. His chiseled physique and modeling prowess have positioned him as a sought-after figure with Ford Models, Inc., Kult Models, and LA Models while also gracing the ‘Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 2’ stage in 2020. Beyond the runway, Michael delves into the real estate realm as a broker with Rodeo Realty, showcasing his acumen in property transactions. Simultaneously, he maintains an active presence as a fitness enthusiast, inspiring others on his wellness journey. In matters of the heart, Michael has found love with Daisy Keech, creating a power couple dynamic that captivates both fashion and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Jenna Bowman is a Lifestyle and Estate Manager Today

Jenna Bowman, known for her strategic gameplay on ‘Survivor 36,’ has embarked on a journey of professional growth and personal exploration. Currently associated with Lifestyle and Estate Management, she has assumed the role of an Executive Assistant at ECP (Energy Capital Partners) since 2021. Post her ‘Survivor’ stint and a brief romance with fellow castaway Sebastian Noel, Jenna is embracing her single life with gusto. Jenna has now immersed herself in the dynamic world of executive support, managing her responsibilities at the Four Seasons Surf Club with finesse. Her social media chronicles reflect a woman relishing the joys of travel and the camaraderie of close friends. As she navigates the realms of career and personal adventures, Jenna continues to make waves in her own right.

Desiree Afuye is a Creative Producer

Desiree Afuye has transitioned seamlessly into the role of a Creative Producer and Post Production Supervisor at SoFi since February 2023. With an impressive career trajectory, Desiree has left her creative imprint across esteemed platforms, including GG Galore, The Walt Disney Company, and Billboard. An unyielding passion for storytelling and visual excellence marks her journey in the creative realm. As she continues to contribute to the art of post-production, Desiree stands as a testament to the transformative power of creativity.

Libby Vincek is a Certified Personal Trainer Now

Since her time on the show, Libby Vincek has ventured into multifaceted roles. Beyond the realm of reality TV, Libby has emerged as a Certified Personal Trainer and Female Nutrition Specialist, spearheading Light by Libby’s online fitness platform. Adding to her repertoire, she also serves as a spokesmodel at The Julie Freeman Agency, and has assumed the role of Social Media Coordinator at Home & Family. In her personal life, Libby has embraced marital bliss by tying the knot with Steven Anthony Petrucci in October 2022. Their joy expanded with the arrival of their son, Luca Anthony Petrucci, in October 2023. Libby has also delved into the supplement industry with Bowman Nutrition, ensuring her mark on both the wellness and entrepreneurial fronts. She continues to inspire through her fitness app, embodying the essence of holistic well-being.

Chris Noble Has Quit Modeling

Chris Noble, the charismatic ‘Survivor’ alum, has gracefully shifted gears in the post-reality TV landscape. He candidly shared with Entertainment Weekly in 2021 that he is deeply entrenched in the fitness industry, channeling his passion for wellness into training individuals. While he once graced commercials, the allure of modeling has now taken a back seat. Chris navigated the challenges posed by the global pandemic alongside the love of his life, whose identity he has kept personal. He has weathered the storm of Covid-19, which proves the resilience of their connection. Despite the impact on their professional lives, they persevere with a shared commitment to an ever-private personal life.

Bradley Kleihege is a Trust and Estates Attorney

Bradley Kleihege, now a Trust and Estate Attorney, showcases his legal acumen as an Associate Attorney at the Law Offices of Michael K. Lanning, A.P.L.C. His journey includes notable roles at Elkins Kalt Weintraub Reuben Gartside LLP and the Schomer Law Group. Passing the State Bar of Michigan in 2023 marked a pivotal moment in his career. Beyond the courtroom, Bradley embraces a rich tapestry of life, often indulging in travel adventures and cherishing moments with friends and family.

James Lim is a Business Graduate Now

James Lim, a luminary track and field athlete and Harvard Business School alumnus, stands as an embodiment of multifaceted success. Garnering the prestigious McLaughlin Award upon graduation, he has seamlessly transitioned into the financial realm. James has leveraged his strategic prowess as an investor at In-Q-Tel since August 2022. He is a licensed member of the Massachusetts Bar Association. He also carries a robust professional portfolio, having contributed to PJT Partners and Capital Group. James continues to break barriers and redefine success in both academic and professional spheres.

Stephanie Johnson is Off to Her New Adventures

Stephanie Johnson, a global figure in embodiment and Tantric coaching, has transcended boundaries as a Somatic Coach under the banner Trauma to Tantra, which is a divine intimate embodiment group coaching program. The release of her book, ‘Iron Strong,’ in 2023 marked a literary milestone. Beyond words, Stephanie has embarked on physical and spiritual adventures after the show by trekking Rainbow Mountain and Everest Base Camp and with a plan to conquer Aconcagua in 2024. As a single mother to two boys, she exemplifies strength in her personal and professional pursuits.

Brendan Shapiro is a Middle School Teacher Now

Brendan Shapiro unfolded a chapter marked by enduring love and familial bliss in 2023 by celebrating a remarkable 24th anniversary with his wife, Margie. Post-show, Brendan emerged resilient, embracing life’s challenges head-on as he battled through a carcinoma surgery in 2022. Formerly co-hosting the podcast ‘Surviving Snyder,’ where football and reality TV converged, Brendan now imparts knowledge as a dedicated middle school teacher. His journey is a testament to love, resilience, and the pursuit of knowledge in the classroom.

Morgan Ricke Has Continued To Be a Whale Trainer

An exemplar of compassion and activism, Morgan Ricke tied the knot with her husband, John Halas, on August 20, 2019. Her commitment to philanthropy shines through regular charity work with organizations like Give Kids the World Village. Beyond the spotlight, Morgan’s connection with marine life persists as a killer whale trainer at Orlando SeaWorld. A staunch animal activist, Morgan continues to make waves both in and out of the reality TV realm.

Jacob Derwin is a Songwriter Now

Jacob Derwin’s journey harmonizes various facets of life. As a songwriter, casting editor, and Assistant Preschool Teacher residing in Brooklyn, New York, Jacob brings creativity and care to diverse roles. The release of his “Modern Romance EP” showcases his musical passion, a collaborative effort with local musicians. Jacob’s appearance on the Food Network Kitchen app series, ‘Better With Age,’ alongside his mom, adds a flavorful note to his multifaceted life. Further, his life is complemented by the presence of his wonderful girl, Beda, and feline companion, Lily.

Stephanie Gonzalez is an Aquaholic

Stephanie Gonzalez, although eliminated very early in the show, now finds herself immersed in the thrill of life. In 2023, she showcased her tenacity on The CW’s ‘Fight to Survive.’ Beyond the screen, Stephanie models for Coral Collective, unveiling her adventurous spirit as she explores seas and beaches. Self-proclaimed as an Aquaholic, Stephanie’s social media chronicles her journeys, embodying a life defined by exploration and the rhythmic crash of ocean waves.

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