Doomsday Preppers Season 1: Where Are The Cast Members Now?

‘Doomsday Preppers’ season 1, which premiered on the National Geographic Channel on February 7, 2012, took viewers on a captivating journey into the lives of individuals who were fervently preparing for the unknown. The show provided a fascinating glimpse into the world of “preppers”—people who dedicated their lives to getting ready for various doomsday scenarios, from natural disasters to economic collapse. Each episode featured different preppers showcasing their unique strategies, skills, and survivalist setups. From elaborate bunkers to sustainable living practices, the diverse approaches taken by the cast highlighted the creativity and resourcefulness within the prepping community.

The season garnered attention for its mix of informative content and the sheer dedication exhibited by the featured preppers. As we reflect on the inaugural season of ‘Doomsday Preppers,’ one can’t help but wonder: where are these cast members now? Have their predictions come true, or have they adapted their lifestyles in the face of changing circumstances? The show not only entertained but also sparked curiosity about the resilience of individuals when faced with the uncertainties of the future.

Paul Byron Range Passed Away in 2023

Tragically, Paul Range passed away on April 23rd, 2023. His wife, Gloria Anderson Range, who expressed their beliefs by encouraging donations in Paul’s name to the Friends of the Quartzsite Food Bank, shared the news. In an emotional Facebook post, Robert Range, Paul’s son, revealed the circumstances surrounding his father’s passing. Despite feelings of regret for not being there in Paul’s final moments, Robert reflected on his father’s adventurous spirit. He shared the bittersweet realization that his father had embraced life on his terms until the very end.

Acknowledging the Range family’s unique way of bidding farewell, Robert humorously noted that Paul’s departure echoed the family tradition of abrupt exits during family events. Despite the grief, he celebrated his father’s free-spirited nature and the fact that Paul had lived life according to his own rules. He expressed confidence in meeting his father again in the afterlife, leaving readers with a sense of closure and acceptance.

Christopher Nyerges is Now a Survival Consultant

Christopher Nyerges, since the show, has transformed into a Survival Consultant, with a notable role in the show ‘Naked and Afraid’ since March 2015. Additionally, he assumed the position of director at the School of Self-Reliance. Christopher has extended his expertise to various platforms, making appearances on Fox TV’s ‘X’ show and BuzzFeed’s YouTube channel. Collaborating with organizations, schools, churches, and scouting groups, such as the Sierra Club and Boy Scouts of America, he has become a prominent figure in survival education.

Christopher’s post-show endeavors include serving as the 2016 editor of American Survival Guide and editing Wilderness Way magazine for seven years. He has authored numerous articles for publications, like the Los Angeles Times and Mother Earth News. Furthermore, Christopher has ventured into the realm of tactical and survival, associating with Epic Tactical and Survival since 2021. He has continued to share his knowledge through book publications, addressing topics such as foraging and urban survival.

Megan Hurwitt is in the US Army Today

Megan Hurwitt has established a multifaceted career after the show. She is now an Army Captain. Currently, she serves as a Logpac Planner at the Texas Army National Guard and a Digital Marketing Manager at RoundTable Medical Consultants, LLC. Megan is actively engaged in both military and civilian roles. Additionally, she directs All 9 Lives Feline Foster, a cat rescue organization, showcasing her passion for feline welfare. She has held various positions, including Communications Director at Amanda Wolfe for Houston and Public Affairs Officer at The Ready Team – Texas National Guard’s 72nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team. Her involvement in social causes is evident through her role as the Former Director of Policy and Procedure at the Breaking Code Silence Movement.

David Sarti Now Has a YouTube Channel

Image Credit: David S/YouTube

After his appearance on ‘Doomsday Preppers,’ David Sarti faced an unexpected turn of events. In 2012, he shared in a YouTube video that the Tennessee legal system declared him mentally incompetent, resulting in the confiscation of his guns. Despite having no criminal record, this drastic measure was taken after he sought medical attention for chest pains and shortness of breath. Following a psychiatric evaluation during his hospital stay, he was deemed mentally incompetent, leading to the removal of his extensive gun collection. Undeterred, David has since found solace in sharing his doomsday content and theories on his YouTube channel, where he has amassed over 33.5K subscribers and posted more than 700 videos.

Kellene Bishop is Now a Marketing Consultant

Kellene Bishop, another cast member from the show, has transitioned into a role as the Founder of Preparedness Pro. Additionally, she founded Women of Caliber, focusing on training women in physical and firearm self-defense skills. In response to a 2012 New York Times article about the show, Kellene, in her blog post, expressed discontent and highlighted the unfair characterization of those featured on ‘Doomsday Preppers’ by The New York Times. Presently, she serves as a Marketing Consultant, holding the position of Director of Alliance Partnership at Clarus Partners. Living in Ohio, Kellene is happily married and maintains a blog, sharing daily life updates.

Kathy Harrison is a Successful Author Today

Kathy Harrison, after her stint on the show, authored the book ‘Just In Case — How to Be Self-Sufficient When the Unexpected Happens.’ Her unpredictable life experiences formed the basis of this work. She resides in western Massachusetts and is a foster parent to 153 children. She has also expanded her literary contributions with the well-received ‘Prepping 101,’ published in 2018. Her practical approach to self-sufficiency was further demonstrated at Lehman’s annual Fall Festival in 2019.

Dennis Evers Maintains a Website For His Work

Dennis Evers has become deeply involved in Emergency and Disaster Prep, authoring the book ‘How to Handle a Crisis.’ He maintains a dedicated website, Preparedness is Fundamental, where he shares his thoughts on survival and preparedness. Active on YouTube, Dennis demonstrates various preparedness activities with his own hands. His LinkedIn profile shows him as an Inventor and Innovator in Security in Potable Security Gates. He resides with his family now.

Tim Ralston is Now an Author

Tim Ralston, owner of the survival brand Gear Up, has expanded his reach, serving as a columnist for the Mindset Self-Defense paper. In 2017, he published ‘Minimalist Prepper: The Survival Essentials.’ Tim, alongside his wife Marie, raises three kids in Arizona.

Jason Charles Runs The Angry Prepper YouTube Channel

Jason Charles continues his dedication to preparedness as the owner of So Others Might Survive, LLC. Serving as the president of the New York City Preppers Network, he provides advice on urban preparedness and outdoor survival through his Angry Prepper YouTube channel. Residing in Harlem with his wife and two children, Jason remains committed to promoting self-reliance in the face of potential disasters.

Jules Dervaes Passed Away in 2016

Jules C. Dervaes, Jr., the founder of Urban Homestead, passed away in 2016 due to a pulmonary embolism. His legacy lives on through his children—Anais, Justin, and Jordanne—who now own and continue the family homestead.

Pat Brabble Owns a Firearm Inventory

Pat Brabble, President of Brabble Insulation Inc., has maintained his active presence in the family business. Happily married to Lynette Perry Brabble, he showcases his sense of humor and family life on social media platforms.

Martin L. Colvill Retired in August 2023

Martin L. Colvill retired from his position as security officer in August 2023. He also shared a recent incident where he faced a trespasser on private property. Despite the physical altercation, he asserted his resilience and old-age wisdom, highlighting the importance of experience in handling challenging situations. Married to Sarah Payne Colvill, Martin continues to navigate life with a steadfast spirit.

Donna Nash is a Body Code Practitioner

Donna Nash, after her appearance on ‘Doomsday Preppers,’ has become the owner of Cleanse Your Inner Vessel – Energy Work. She holds certifications as an Emotion Code Practitioner and Body Code Practitioner. She is also the owner of ARK Ready, a venture dedicated to handling all emergency preparedness needs for individuals, families, and communities. Her expertise in energy work and emergency preparedness showcases a holistic approach to well-being and resilience in the face of potential disasters.

Kevin O’Brien is Now a Realtor

Kevin O’Brien, following his time on the show, has ventured into real estate as an Estate Agent. Since 2014, he has focused on farms, acreage, off-grid properties, and land development in his second career. Currently associated with Crye-Leike Lakeway Real Estate, Kevin brings a diverse set of skills to the real estate market, drawing on his experiences showcased on ‘Doomsday Preppers.’

Michael Patrick Douglas is a Consultant at Discovery

Michael Patrick Douglas has evolved into a Consultant at Discovery and is the Founder of Adult Programs Director at the Maine Primitive Skills School. Residing in North Augusta, Maine, he has expanded his reach to coach reality television participants on shows like ‘Naked and Afraid.’ Additionally, she serves as a mentor to college students, sharing his expertise in primitive skills and survival techniques.

Larry Hall Owns the Luxury Survival Condo Project

Image Credit: Business Insider Today/ Facebook

Larry Hall, known for his ownership of The Survival Condo or Luxury Survival Condo Project, has transformed an Atlas ICBM missile silo into a 15-story underground bunker located in Kansas. Expanding his project during the pandemic, the Survival Condo has gained popularity, with sales reaching new heights. Larry has also extended his endeavors to other states, further solidifying his position in the niche market of luxury underground living.

Becky Brown Freelance Professional Hotel and Vacation Reviewer

Image Credit: Becky brown/LinkedIn

Becky Brown, Co-Owner and Manager at Grab n Go Food Storage LLC since 2011, has transitioned into a Freelance Professional Hotel and Vacation Reviewer. On her YouTube channel, she shared updates about increasing water storage in her doomsday shelter and participating in safety training classes. Becky’s diverse journey reflects her commitment to preparedness and adaptability in the changing landscape.

Mike Mester is Still an Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Mike Mester has shifted his focus to community services, currently working with voter registration and elections at Gwinnett County. Concurrently, he continues to serve as an emergency preparedness consultant and instructor, contributing to the community’s safety and well-being.

Preston White Goes by the Name of Johnny Appleseed

Preston White, now going by the name of Johnny Appleseed, is deeply involved in the seed business. As a gene bank and seed bank owner, he has sent more than 6000 seeds globally. In 2020, he sought to start a seed company and was actively looking for a partner to further contribute to the industry.

Doug Huffman Owns a Survivor School Today

Doug Huffman owns the Sierra School of Survival, showcasing his commitment to education and survival. His expertise likely extends to teaching survival-related skills and strategies to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Ed and Dianne Peden Owns a Real Estate Company

Ed and Dianne Peden, founders and sole inhabitants of Subterra Castle, have dedicated themselves to survival by operating a bunker. Additionally, they run 20th Century Castles, a small real estate company specializing in acquiring and selling abandoned missile bases and defunct communication bunkers across rural America. Their unique ventures reflect a combination of survivalist principles and a keen eye for strategic real estate investments.

Bruce Beach Passed Away in 2021

ImageCredit: BBC News

Bruce Beach, the founder and sole inhabitant of Subterra Castle, passed away in May 2021. Known for converting the bunker into a self-sustaining haven capable of sheltering up to 500 people in the event of a nuclear blast, Bruce’s legacy lies in his innovative approach to survival preparedness. His dedication to creating a refuge for others in times of crisis showcased a commitment to community and safety.

Bradford Frank Works as Staff Psychiatrist Now

Bradford Frank, after his appearance on ‘Doomsday Preppers,’ has transitioned into the field of psychiatry. Currently working as a staff psychiatrist at the Richard P. Stadter Center for Psychiatric Care, he is also associated with VA Health Care. Happily married to Narin Frank, Bradford brings his expertise to mental health, contributing to the well-being of individuals through psychiatric care.

Janet Spencer Has Taken The Role of Trivia Writer

Jennet Spencer has taken on a role as the trivia writer and operator of Tidbits Media Inc. of Alabama since June 2012. Her engagement in creating trivia content reflects a passion for entertainment and knowledge-sharing in her community.

Jack Jobe is Now an Author

Jack Jobe, a cast member of the show, has pursued new endeavors post-show. Jack, now known as Survivor Jack, earned this nickname at a trade show where branding expert Gerry Foster recognized his story and suggested the moniker. Inspired by this encounter, Jack established Survivor Jack, Inc. with a mission to empower people to be better prepared for disasters. He published another book titled ‘My Spiritual Conversation with Christ.’ Beyond his preparedness initiatives, he is a husband, father, and Emmy-nominated photojournalist, showcasing a diverse set of roles.

Wayne Martin Remains Active in Sharing Survival Techniques

Image Credit: Mr. Wayne/ YouTube

Wayne Martin AKA Mr. Wayne, known for his doomsday prepper involving a vineyard and wine, reportedly had his property up for auction in 2013. Despite this, he remains active in sharing survival techniques on his YouTube channel. In his last video posted in 2020, he provided a tutorial on making strawberry wine. He serves as the Safety Officer and Director of Plant Operations at Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation. His dual roles highlight a unique intersection of survival expertise and professional responsibilities in a healthcare setting.

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