Dual Survival: Where Are The Survival Experts Now?

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Television has a peculiar way of capturing the human imagination, and when it comes to the realm of survival, few shows have achieved the level of intrigue and excitement as ‘Dual Survival’ on the Discovery Channel. A unique blend of wilderness survival, expert knowledge, and contrasting personalities, the show has carved its niche in the vast landscape of reality television. The show premiered in 2010, introducing audiences to a dynamic format that pairs two survival experts with distinct skill sets, backgrounds, and philosophies.

Many of the experts who graced the screen, navigating the wild and sharing their survival wisdom, have continued to contribute to the outdoor community. Some have pursued careers in teaching survival skills, written books, or become advocates for wilderness conservation. As the seasons of the show have left an indelible mark on the outdoor and survival community, the adventures of its cast continue, inviting viewers to delve into the ongoing stories of those who once braved the wild on our television screens.

Cody Lundin is a Renowned Survival Instructor Today

After captivating audiences with his barefoot survival escapades on the show, Cody Lundin’s post-show journey has been nothing short of intriguing. The rugged survivalist and author of two books found himself at odds with the show’s safety protocols, leading to his unexpected departure in 2014. He has been unapologetically transparent about the legal battles that ensued since his exit from the show. Utilizing his social media platforms as a virtual courtroom, Ludin shared the intricate developments of his lawsuit, pulling back the curtain on the challenges he faced.

He claimed that the network delved into unused footage from old episodes, manipulating it to portray him as burned-out and professionally and mentally incompetent. Lundin alleged that his co-host, Joe Teti, had threatened his life. Sparking a legal battle with Discovery, perhaps even more striking was his assertion that a high-ranking Discovery executive, Jennifer Williams, allegedly made repeated offers exceeding $14,000 in an attempt to coerce him into falsely stating that he willingly left the show.

Despite his claims, the judge ruled in favor of the network in 2018. Lundin appealed again, but the decision was in favor of the channel every time, leaving Lundin disheartened with the legal system, as expressed in a candid Instagram post in 2020. Undeterred by the legal ordeal, Lundin redirected his energy towards his passion for survival instruction. Currently serving as a survival instructor at the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Prescott, Arizona, Lundin imparts his wealth of knowledge through immersive courses. Beyond the school, he has lent his expertise to notable entities like National Geographic Television, the United States Forest Service, and the BBC.

In the realm of digital outreach, Lundin embraces the modern age, utilizing a YouTube channel to connect with his audience. Through engaging content, he continues to share survival tips, weaving a digital life that resonates with fans old and new. Also in 2019, Lundin started a podcast named ‘Keep Your Ass Alive’ to talk in real-time on the phone or read written questions, and reveal time-honored tips and tricks for staying alive.

But Lundin’s journey doesn’t end with his virtual presence. Nestled in the high-desert wilderness of Northern Arizona, he resides in a self-designed, self-reliant, passive solar earth home—a commitment to sustainable living. Notably, Lundin holds the unique distinction of being the sole individual in Arizona licensed to catch fish with his bare hands, a testament to his unparalleled connection with the wild.

Dave Canterbury Owns One of the Best Survival Schools in the Country

Stepping out of the wilderness and into the limelight, David Michael Canterbury made a lasting mark as a survival expert during his two-season stint on the show. However, his journey took an unexpected turn in 2012 when producers uncovered discrepancies in his military record, resulting in Canterbury’s departure from the show. Swiftly addressing the controversy, he issued a public apology, acknowledging that he had exaggerated his military credentials.

Undeterred by past challenges, Canterbury proved to be a resilient figure in the survival world. An accomplished author, his book Bushcraft 101 earned a spot on The New York Times Best Seller list in 2014. Expanding his literary repertoire, he delved into the book series Advanced Bushcraft, continuing his exploration of the intricate skills needed for thriving in the wild, with the latest installment surfacing in 2022. In 2015, Canterbury showcased his survival prowess on the National Geographic Channel’s ‘Dirty Rotten Survival,’ offering audiences another glimpse into his wilderness acumen.

Beyond the screen, he assumed the role of brand ambassador for Morakniv. Also, he has a YouTube TV channel on which he posts survival-themed instructional videos. Currently, Canterbury is the owner of The Pathfinder School in southeast Ohio, listed as one of the top 12 Survival Schools in the U.S. As the proprietor of Self Reliance Outfitters, a hub for bushcraft and outdoor self-reliance gear, Canterbury’s commitment to fostering self-sufficiency is evident. His meticulously designed gears, available on various online platforms, including the Weather Wool Company, bear the imprint of his expertise.

Ever young at heart, Canterbury remains an explorer of the forest wild world, embodying the spirit of adventure that defines his survival journey. On the personal front, he is happily married to Iris Canterbury and now his grandsons. Canterbury continues to navigate the untamed terrains of both the natural world and the survival industry, and we extend our best wishes for his ongoing endeavors.

Joe Teti Faced His Fair Share of Controversies

Joe Teti, a seasoned veteran with a storied background in both US military and government special operations units, brought a unique blend of skills to the screen during his tenure on the show. Armed with a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Teti’s on-screen persona faced its fair share of controversies. His military service claims came under scrutiny, leading to his expulsion from the Special Forces Association for alleged inflation of his military record. The controversies extended further when Teti filed a defamation lawsuit against Mykel Hawke, star of ‘Man, Woman, Wild,’ accusing Hawke of spreading false accusations about his military service and creating harassment.

Throughout his appearances on the show, Teti’s claims of sniper and airborne qualifications became subjects of debate, especially among vigilant veterans who scrutinized his military credentials. Retired Army Sergeant Major George Davenport and others sought to fact-check Teti’s assertions, revealing discrepancies that stirred a wave of criticism. Teti defended himself on his official Facebook page against these allegations, maintaining his stance amid the controversy.

Teti has carved a multifaceted path since his time on the show. Currently serving as the owner and chief instructor of Lone Operator Tactical, he imparts firearms and tactical training forged from real-world experiences. Beyond this, Teti has expanded his entrepreneurial ventures, founding T1 Performance Nutrition, a specialty supplement company tailored for adults over 45, and Spartan Americana, a tactical training company catering to civilians and law enforcement. He is also a co-founder of Tier 1 Performance Coaching, showcasing a commitment to holistic performance development.

Adding to his repertoire, Teti ventured into the realm of literature, publishing the book, Lone Operator: How to Survive & Thrive in the Modern Age, in 2020. Beyond the written word, he engages with audiences as a motivational speaker and through podcasts, offering insights drawn from his diverse experiences. While much of his life remains undisclosed, glimpses into his sphere can be observed through the sharing of pictures featuring his wife on social media. Joe Teti’s journey reveals a man who has navigated challenges with resilience, diversifying his pursuits while staying true to his commitment to tactical expertise and preparedness in the modern age.

Grady Powell is a Host on the History Channel Today

Grady Powell, a former U.S. Army Green Beret and Senior Detachment Weapons Sergeant, transitioned into the limelight after the show. He took on roles such as the Regional Sales Director at VSSL Gear and served as the former Brand Manager at Ursack, Incorporated. In 2017, Powell further showcased his resilience by participating in ‘American Grit.’ However, his journey took an intriguing turn in 2020 when he assumed the role of host on the History Channel’s ‘Forged in Fire,’ revealing yet another facet of his diverse skill set.

In addition to his television ventures, Powell ventured into the podcasting realm with “Forging the Path,” where he shares insights into survival and mindset. Speaking about his experience on ‘Dual Survival’ to Recoil Offgrid, Powell candidly expressed that while he executed the skills showcased on the show, he acknowledged the element of production, emphasizing the distinction between what he termed as “backyard survival” and the authentic survival mindset.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Powell has added another dimension to his life. A certified Christian ordination underscores his commitment to personal and spiritual growth. In matters of the heart, he is married to Meg Powell, and the couple shares the joys of parenthood with a son. Grady Powell’s journey encapsulates a tapestry of experiences, blending outdoor expertise, television hosting, podcasting, and a profound commitment to spiritual values and family life.

Matt Graham is Planning on a New Venture

Matt Graham, renowned for his exceptional survival skills, ventured into new frontiers following his time on the show. In 2016, he became a notable addition to the cast of the National Geographic Channel’s ‘Live Free or Die,’ showcasing his ability to thrive in the wilderness. The following year, Graham took center stage as the host of the challenging show ‘Bushcraft Build-Off Challenge,’ further solidifying his status as an expert in bushcraft and outdoor survival.

A testament to his multifaceted skills, Graham has been associated with the Spring Energy Elite Athlete Team and Hyperlite Mountain Gear as an athlete. In addition to his television and athletic pursuits, he wears the hat of a writer and TV and film presenter, demonstrating a passion for sharing his knowledge with a wider audience. Graham made appearances in several other television series, including ‘Surviving the Stone Age: Adventure to the Wild’ in 2020 and ‘Ed Stafford: First Man Out’ in 2019. His versatility extended to the rail with ancestral survival skills, showcasing his prowess in both survival and athleticism.

Looking ahead, Matt Graham is set to embark on a new chapter with the upcoming venture, the Matt Graham Earth Skills School. This initiative reflects his commitment to imparting essential survival skills and knowledge to those eager to navigate the challenges of the great outdoors. As Graham continues to evolve, his endeavors underscore not only his prowess in survival but also his dedication to education and sharing his expertise with the world.

Bill McConnell Now Conducts Workshops on Survival Skills

Bill McConnell has ventured into a realm where wilderness expertise meets education. As the founder of the Past Skills wilderness school in Bozeman, he passionately conducts workshops on survival skills, imparting knowledge that goes beyond the screen. Notably, Bill has garnered sponsorship from a prominent company specializing in synthetic camouflage clothing, a testament to the recognition of his skills in the outdoor community.

Beyond his school and sponsorships, McConnell has extended his impact to philanthropy, notably with the Wounded Warrior Project. His involvement in this initiative underlines a commitment to giving back to those who have served. Further showcasing his dedication to preserving primitive living skills, Bill was invited by the Frisco Native American Museum to share insights into the ancient practices of the local tribes that once inhabited Hatteras Island.

On the personal front, McConnell is not only a skilled outdoorsman but also a family man, surrounded by the love of his children. His endeavors paint a picture of a multifaceted individual whose passion for primitive living skills, educational outreach, and philanthropy have become integral components of his journey. McConnell’s journey illustrates the enduring impact of survival expertise beyond the screen, echoing in the workshops he conducts, the partnerships he forges, and the communities he enriches.

E.J. Snyder Currently Calls North Carolina, Home

EJ Snyder, a decorated military veteran with 2 Bronze Stars and a Legion of Merit, left an indelible mark on the survival world through his time. Retired as a Sergeant Major, he currently calls Fayetteville, North Carolina, home. Snyder actively engages in survival classes, drawing from his extensive experience. His appearances on various television series, including ‘Naked and Afraid XL,’ ‘Ed Stafford: First Man Out,’ and ‘Into the Wild Frontier,’ further solidify his position as an expert in extreme survival.

Snyder’s influence extends beyond the screen, with his website, Skullcrusher, offering online survival skill courses. Leveraging his fame for a greater purpose, he passionately supports charities for cancer, veterans, kids’ welfare, and anti-bullying. Engaged with Broken Bones, Shattered Dreams—an anti-bullying awareness campaign—and the Wounded Warrior Project, Snyder uses his platform to make a positive impact. He has candidly shared his insights with organizations like All Secure Foundations and featured on “The Survival Summit” Podcast.

A multifaceted individual, Snyder is a motivational speaker. Alongside his wife, Amy, and their two children, Tyler and Cassidy, he runs camps introducing children to survival skills. Notably, Snyder enjoys celebrity status among fans and actively participates in celebrity charity fundraisers for Give Kids The World Village and Reality Rally, showcasing his dedication to various causes.

Jeff Zausch Conquered the World’s Most Challenging Terrain

Jeff Zausch, known for his resilient survival skills, has continued to make waves in the realm of reality television. His recent endeavors include an impressive stint on ‘Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing.’ Before this, Zausch engaged in the gripping series ‘Snake in the Grass‘ with Bobby Bones in 2022 and made notable appearances on ‘Naked and Afraid XL,’ ‘Naked and Afraid: Savage,’ and even made a thrilling venture into ‘Shark Week.’

Beyond the screen, Zausch has diversified his pursuits. With his own YouTube channel, he shares captivating content, blending his roles as a photographer, public speaker, and travel blogger. His online store caters to outdoor enthusiasts with a variety of accessories. Not just confined to survival challenges, Zausch has conquered some of the world’s most challenging terrain.

He officially summited and traversed all three Everest Region high mountain passes, showcasing his physical and mental resilience. Through Instagram, he generously shares glimpses of his travels, offering followers a vicarious experience of the diverse places he explores. While the details of his personal life remain private, Zausch seems to have a special someone in his life, named Erin Munoz.

Josh James Has Cultivated a Digital Presence Now

Josh James, also known as Kiwi Bear Grills, has seamlessly transitioned from survival challenges to a life imbued with adventure on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island. With a wife and three boys – Jack, Charlie, and Sonny Jim – James has woven the skills honed in the wilderness into the fabric of his family life. James has made notable appearances on television after his appearance on ‘Dual Survival,’ showcasing his survival prowess on ‘Ed Stafford: First Man Out’ in 2019 and as the Kiwi Bushman on ‘The AM Show’ in 2017.

Beyond the screen, he has cultivated a digital presence through his website, The Kiwi Bushman, where he pens down tales of his travels and outdoor escapades. Embracing the spirit of adventure, James shares the beauty of New Zealand and the richness of his experiences through his blog. His life on the West Coast becomes a canvas for exploration, not just for himself but for his readers as well.

Bo McGlone Has Opted For a Private Existence

Bo McGlone, an Air Force veteran, made a brief yet memorable appearance on the show, leaving an indelible mark on the show in just two episodes. In contrast to the often digitally exposed lives of reality TV personalities, McGlone has opted for a private existence, steering clear of the social media limelight. Since his time on the show, McGlone seems to have gracefully retreated into a life of anonymity, reminiscent of the disciplined and discreet nature ingrained during his Air Force service. While his on-screen moments may have been fleeting, the enigma surrounding his post-show whereabouts adds a layer of intrigue to his journey.

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