Douglas and Nicole: Where Are The Millionaire Matchmaker Entrepreneurs Now?

Led by Patti Stanger, Bravo’s ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker ‘ helps affluent individuals find their perfect match. The series ran for eight seasons and played host to an array of contestants all looking to find love. The third season saw two very interesting clients, gay millionaire Douglas Donehoo and divorcee Nicole Sherwin come to Patti for assistance. Both had high expectations from Patti and wanted her to find ideal partners for them who would live up to their high standards. Being perfectionists themselves, they didn’t want to settle for anything less. While it’s been over a decade since fans first caught a glimpse of Nicole and Douglas, they are intrigued to know about their current whereabouts.

Douglas and Nicole Had High Expectations from Their Ideal Partners

Douglas and Nicole came to Patti in the third season of ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker.’ Both were quite similar as both were extremely eco-conscious. While then-39-year-old Douglas owned an all-organic sportswear line called 4-rth, Nicole used her love for the environment and passion for luxury to form a green events company, The Green Lounge Experience, responsible for curating lavish parties with special celebrity appearances.

Douglas, a former private banker previously, was an extremely motivated and flamboyant individual. While he had enjoyed success in his business, he wasn’t as lucky when it came to love. Patti believed his impossibly high standards were to be blamed for this. On the other hand, then-40-year-old Nicole’s demand for an ideal man who seemed too good to be true left Patti a little stumped. Residing in youth-obsessed Los Angeles, finding a man suiting her description of perfect was a tough ask.

To find potential mates, Patti decided to do something different, and instead of going for her usual mixer, she decided to host an intimate dinner. Despite the initial hiccups, both picked their dates. While Douglas opted to take his date, David, on an adventurous hot air balloon ride, Nicole and Brett left to have a cozy and romantic dinner. While the dates seemed to have gone okay, neither Douglas nor Nicole opted to proceed further with their choices.

Nicole Founded a New Business while Douglas Continues to Focus on His Sportswear Line

After appearing on ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’ and not finding their perfect matches, Nicole and Douglas returned to their familiar lives. Both have focused on self-care and have continued to champion the cause of environmental consciousness through their respective entrepreneurial brainchild. Nicole, who is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, closed The Green Lounge Experience in March 2014 and founded Eco Diva Natural in August 2014. She continues to champion the cause of sustainability, and her brand works on providing holistic skincare solutions. Nicole is also a partner at the Danish Sofa Company.

Nicole also volunteers as a Development Director at the Children Uniting Nation. It is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to children in the foster care system. She also found love again and got engaged to her longtime partner, Roy Ingle, on June 21, 2023. The two often embark on adventurous and fun travels all around the world. The gut health and wellness advocate also owns an adorable pooch named Bug. She keeps documenting his chronicles on her social media through the hashtag “itsabugslife.” Nicole is also quite active on social media. She often shares snaps of her travels, new product launches, and special moments spent with her family and friends and keeps her fans well-updated.

On the other hand, Douglas continues to reside in Los Angeles and expand his organic sportswear line, 4-rth, which translates to ‘for Earth.’ When not busy working on his uber-fashionable clothing line, he jets off on fun travels all around the world, often with friends too. He is quite active on social media and keeps fans updated on his sustainable lifestyle. However, Douglas has preferred to keep his social media restricted to himself and his travels, choosing to keep his life private otherwise.

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