Survivor 33: Where Are The Contestants Now?

‘Survivor’ is the battleground not just because of the remote island location but also because of the intricate web of alliances, betrayals, and strategic masterstrokes. Season 33 aired in September of 2016, aptly titled ‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ introduced the audience to captivating twists. Castaways not only battle with each other but also with the natural elements. As the season unfolded with its twists and turns, the real question arose: What happened to these contestants once the torches were extinguished, and the game was left behind? Join us as we delve into the post-show lives of these remarkable individuals, discovering where the game has taken them and how their experiences on the island have shaped their destinies.

Adam Klein is Set To Get Married Soon

At the finale, he rallied viewers to contribute to the #LiveLikeSusie campaign, raising a staggering $400,000 for lung cancer research. Just hours after winning the show and coming back home, Adam faced the heartbreaking loss of his mother. Undeterred by personal adversity, Adam Klein transformed his success into a platform for noble causes. He channeled his winnings to support the fight against the disease that claimed his mother. A move to Las Vegas marked a new chapter, where Adam not only established a successful business but also delved into the world of reality TV casting workshops.

Passionate about giving back, he actively participates in charitable endeavors, aligning himself with the Hearts of Reality initiative in support of Give Kids The World Village. His engagement extends to the Cancer campaigns, inspired by his mother’s battle with lung cancer. He also appeared on renowned platforms like “Rob Has a Podcast.” Adam Klein returned to ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ season, proving that his journey was far from over. His adventurous spirit also led him to co-host the travel show ‘Taiwan: Off The Grid,’ and ‘Coin Flip Trip,’ a distinctive travel show for Thirst Lounge on YouTube. Adam officiated his father’s wedding in 2020.

Ever the beacon of compassion, Adam worked at LifeMoves.Recognized as the youngest-ever Alumni of the Year for Burlingame High School, Adam’s story resonates far beyond the confines of Survivor fame. Love blossomed for Adam as he got engaged to Kailey Lynn in 2022. Celebrating their first anniversary, the couple is now gearing up for a joyous wedding in 2024.

Ken McNickle is a Life Coach Today

In the enthralling aftermath of the show, the indomitable Ken McNickle emerged as the charismatic runner-up. Beyond the confines of the island, Ken’s journey took an unexpected literary turn as he graced the cover of Tessa Dare’s novel, The Duchess Deal – Girl Meets Duke. However, Ken’s story takes a heartwarming turn as he assumes the role of a dedicated single parent to his daughter, Sadie.

In an intimate interview with Parade, Ken opened up about the profound bond he shares with Sadie, describing her as his best friend and soulmate. Ken McNickle has seamlessly transitioned into the role of a life coach, embodying the spirit of empowerment and personal growth. As the founder of The Journey Men, he not only imparts wisdom gained from ‘Survivor’ challenges but also guides others on their unique life journeys.

Hannah Shapiro Has Worked With a Variety of Online Publications

A noteworthy chapter in runner-up Hannah’s after-the-show saga includes her appearance on the debut episode of ‘Beyond the Buff.’ She also got engaged in forums like the Pen Fan Forum. Hannah now co-hosts the ‘Pawnee Public Radio’ podcast, where she and her colleague, Will Sonheim, embark on a delightful journey rewatching the TV series ‘Parks and Recreation,’ dissecting each episode with humor and insight. She also faced a personal loss in 2023 with the passing of her grandmother, a poignant moment that added depth to her story.

In a candid interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hannah shared her experiences serving as a writer on a sketch team at Upright Citizens Brigade. Hannah’s eclectic career path includes stints as an entertainment journalist for various online publications, teaching in grammar school programs, and tutoring primary-grade students. On the personal front, Hannah has found love, adding a touch of mystery to her journey. Alongside professional pursuits, she remains politically engaged. Notably, Hannah’s love for animals shines through as she welcomes a goofy and adorable addition to her life, a rescued puppy named Lil Cacao.

David Wright is Now a Renowned Writer

David has revealed his skittish yet creative side as a TV writer, contributing to projects like ‘Beavis and Butt-Head,’ ‘The Gimmicks,’ ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’and ‘Legendary Dudas.’ As the producer of ‘House of Chico’ and ‘The Gimmicks,’ he showcased his versatile talents in the entertainment industry. A resilient returnee on ‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction,’ David’s life took on new dimensions beyond the confines of tribal councils. In a heartwarming turn, David has welcomed a new member, a cat named Jonesy, adding a furry companion to his journey. Love also blossoms as he finds the love of his life in Laura, further enriching his journey.

David extends his presence beyond the screen, joining Cameo to connect with fans and share personalized messages. His voice resonates on various podcasts, including appearances on the “Rock Solid” podcast and “The Bunch of Losers” podcast. Amidst triumphs, David has faced the profound loss of his mother due to complications from COPD. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he shared his ongoing connections with fellow contestants, especially highlighting his bond with Bret. As David navigates life’s ever-changing landscape, he also announces a significant decision—his retirement from ‘Survivor.’ Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to play twice, he acknowledges that the time has come to move on to new chapters.

Bret LaBelle is a Police Lieutenant Today

Since Bret’s time on the show, he appeared on a thrilling run on ‘The Amazing Race’ season 31. Bret also co-hosts the podcast “In the Drunk Tank with Bret and Larry,” where fans get an unfiltered and entertaining glimpse into his world. Apart from on-screen endeavors, he has been promoted to the role of Lieutenant with the Boston Police Department, where his commitment to public service shines through.

The ‘Survivor’ alum doesn’t shy away from engaging with his community, making appearances on ‘Survivor Know-It-Alls’ and the ‘Pen Fan Forum: Survivor.’ Amidst his globetrotting adventures, Bret reveals a heartwarming chapter in his personal life. Since 2022, he has shared a committed relationship with his boyfriend, Chris Stanley, defying age stereotypes with their substantial age gap. Their love story blossomed during the challenging times of the COVID era, adding a touch of romance to Bret’s narrative.

Jay Starrett is Now the Owner Of A Clothing Brand

After ‘Survivor’ season 33, Jay found his way into the MTV reality scene, gracing the ‘Ex on the Beach’ season 2 and becoming a recurring face on ‘The Challenge’ during its seasons 35, 36, and 38. A pivotal chapter unfolded in Jay’s love life as he navigated the complex web of relationships on ‘Ex on the Beach.’ He dated Morgan Willet in the summer of 2018. The two emerged as one of the stronger couples in the house and committed to a relationship by the season’s end.

However, it didn’t last long and currently, he is in a relationship with Chaitanya Rose, a certified yoga teacher. Beyond the drama and romance, Jay Starrett is not one to be confined to a single arena. Since 2020, he has ventured into the world of entrepreneurship as the owner of StayLoco, a clothing business that undoubtedly adds flair to his multifaceted journey.

Sunday Burquest Passed Away in 2021

Tragically, Sunday Burquest passed away in 2021 at the age of 50 after bravely battling both esophageal and ovarian cancer. Her departure marked the end of a life of resilience, faith, and an unwavering spirit. Sunday, a devout Christian, left an enduring legacy through her 2018 book, ‘Grit Girl: Power to Survive Inspired by Grace.’ The heartfelt memoir chronicles her remarkable journey, highlighting how she found solace and strength in her faith. Fans of ‘Survivor 33’ know that Sunday had previously triumphed over breast cancer before stepping onto the reality show’s stage.

Post-show, Sunday became a beacon of motivation as a keynote speaker, sharing her compelling story of overcoming adversities with grace and determination. Her impact reached beyond the confines of the reality TV world, resonating with audiences seeking courage and inspiration in the face of life’s challenges.

Rachel Ako is Pursuing MBA Today

Rachel continued to make waves after the show; she appeared on ‘The Playboy Morning Show.’ Taking a diverse path, she is currently pursuing an Executive MBA from Chapman University. Rachel has also acquired the Negotiation Mastery Certificate from Harvard Business School Online, showcasing her commitment to honing essential leadership and management skills. On the professional front, Rachel has found her niche as the Regional Technical Specialist for the Pacific Region at Prometheus Laboratories Inc. since 2022.

Her trajectory in the medical and biopharmaceutical field is marked by roles such as Territory Consultant at RedHill Biopharma, Senior Sales Executive for Medical Diagnostic Laboratories, and American Orthodontics. Beyond her corporate endeavors, Rachel Ako is a dedicated volunteer at the Department of Veteran Affairs, embodying a spirit of service and community engagement. Her commitment to giving back reflects a compassionate and altruistic dimension to her journey.

Mari Takahashi is Gaming Content Creator Today

Once a prominent figure in the social media brand Smosh, Mari has seamlessly transitioned into the realms of acting, hosting, and gaming content creation. Currently affiliated with Spacestation Gaming, Mari has carved a niche for herself in the gaming industry. Mari now hosts a gaming podcast platform named OGSoG. Beyond the digital realm, Mari has found love in Peter Kitch, with whom she has been happily married since 2018. Their partnership reflects a personal connection that complements Mari’s dynamic professional pursuits. As an actress, Mari has left an indelible mark in various productions.

Noteworthy performances include her role in the TV series ‘Smosh’ and her voice work in video games like ‘Genshin Impact: Sumeru Showdown’ and ‘Lost Judgment – The Kaito Files.’ Her talent extends to TV series, such as ‘Artificial.’ Recognition in the gaming industry came for her in the form of being featured on Markets Insider as one of the top 23 women in gaming esports.

Paul Wachter Has Returned to His Family Business

Paul Wachter, the resilient contestant, has seamlessly transitioned back to the comforts of his family business. As the proud owner of American Marine, Paul has not only conquered the challenges of the show but has returned to the anchor of his life – his family. Happily married to his devoted partner, Connie Wachter, their enduring love story spans over 30 years. The flame of their romance still burns brightly as Paul recently orchestrated a heartwarming surprise for his wife – a proposal that reignited the spark after three decades of marriage. While settling their three accomplished kids, the Wachter family is the epitome of strength and unity.

Lucy Huang is an Entrepreneur Today

Transitioning from the island’s challenges, Lucy Huang has emerged as a Registered Dietitian, sculpting not only her physique but also helping others navigate the path to a healthier lifestyle. Lucy’s life has become a symphony of roles, with her donning the hat of a loving mother to four children. Immersed in the joys and chaos of family life, she brings the same vigor and determination that propelled her through ‘Survivor; into the realm of parenthood.

She has also embraced a unique passion, achieving the prestigious title of International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Professional League Pro, and is also associated with Zero Gravity. Lucy’s dedication to the art of bodybuilding reflects her commitment to pushing boundaries and defying gravity in both her personal and professional life.

CeCe Taylor is Now An Author


A certified personal trainer and licensed massage therapist, CeCe has seamlessly blended her expertise into a thriving venture called Eden’s Spa & Fitness, a haven where wellness and strength converge. Beyond the confines of her business, CeCe’s creativity has blossomed into the realm of literature and cinema. In 2022, she penned her first published book, Valiant Heart. Additionally, she has graced the silver screen with her first feature film, ‘The Executive.’

She fearlessly stepped into the spotlight on ‘Total Blackout’ season 1, proving her mettle in diverse arenas. However, her impact reaches even further as she takes on the role of a mentor at the Black Girl Leadership Academy (BGLA). Here, she actively contributes to the development, inspiration, and empowerment of young African American girls, steering them toward achieving their goals.

Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa Has Reappeared on the Big Screen

Image Credit: Jessica Figueroa/Instagram

Figgy embarked on a whirlwind adventure, traversing the globe and catching the eye of the modeling world, ultimately signing a coveted contract with Wilhelmina New York in 2017. Reportedly, she briefly dated her fellow contestant Taylor. Beyond the glitz and glamour, Figgy pursued higher education at Middle Tennessee State University. She now imparts her knowledge as a 6th Grade Science teacher, molding young minds and fostering a love for learning.

During the challenging times of the pandemic, Figgy didn’t just weather the storm; she emerged as a beacon of generosity. In 2023, she launched the 615 School Supplies Foundation. Figgy’s adventurous spirit reached new heights when she took on the challenge of Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ in 2023, showcasing her tenacity in a different arena. And, in a heartwarming twist to her story, Figgy recently exchanged vows of commitment with Austin Dirks.

Michaela Bradshaw Now Serves as a Senior Program Manager 

Image Credit: Michaela Bradshaw/Instagram

Michaela Bradshaw has emerged as a force to be reckoned with since her time on the show. Spring of 2021 saw her diving into the intense realm of MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies,’ showcasing her resilience and competitive spirit. Undeterred by challenges, she returned for ‘The Challenge: USA 2,’ cementing her status as a fearless competitor. Beyond the realm of reality television, Michaela has found success in the corporate landscape.

Since 2023, she has been making waves at Nielsen IQ, where she holds the role of Senior Program Manager, Talent Operations. Her responsibilities involve navigating the intricate web of talent management. Before this, Michaela lent her skills as the Strategic Initiatives Program Manager at GM Financial, showcasing her versatility and ability to drive initiatives forward.

Michelle Schubert Has Been Working With Non-Profits All Over the World

In the tapestry of post-show life, Michelle Schubert’s journey has been a symphony of love, adventure, and impactful work. In 2017, she embarked on a new chapter, marrying Jonathan Claussen. Beyond the confinements of matrimony, Michelle’s spirit for challenges extended to season 11 of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ in 2019. In the realm of international non-profits, Michelle has left an indelible mark, traversing the globe from the Pacific Rim to Southeast Asia, East Asia, West Africa, and beyond.

Since 2022, she’s been an integral part of Prota Ventures, bringing her passion for global impact to new heights. Before this, from 2019 to 2022, Michelle served as the Director of Global Resources at International Literacy and Development, leaving an imprint in the field of literacy and education. Notably, she spent several years as a Missions Recruiter at Pioneer Bible Translators, contributing to the cause of language preservation.

Taylor Lee Stocker is a Father Of Three Kids 

Meanwhile, Taylor Lee Stocker’s life has crafted a narrative blending family, personal growth, and a taste for adventure. He was briefly linked with fellow contestant Figgy Figueroa, but later he clarified he already had a girlfriend when he was filming for the show. Taylor announced the joyous news in 2016 – the impending arrival of their first child with his girlfriend, Kate. In 2017, Taylor and Kate exchanged vows, and since then, their family has grown with the addition of three children. While Taylor maintains a private life, recent revelations hint at his health-conscious pursuits, including a challenging four-day fast. Known for teaching snowboarding at Mount Spokane, Taylor harbors a desire to purchase a sailboat, signifying his aspirations for maritime exploration.

Chris Hammons is Now a Football Coach

Chris Hammons, after the show, made a memorable appearance on an episode of ‘Pen Fan Forum’ and later graced the ‘Survivor: Game Changers’ reunion episode. Venturing beyond reality TV, Chris established the esteemed Laird Hammons Laird Trial Law. In the realm of family life, Chris immerses himself in coaching basketball, football, and baseball, especially to his two sons, Jacks and Costner. Alongside his wife, Jennifer, they navigate the hectic yet fulfilling schedule of attending their boys’ sporting events and managing their farm.

Jessica Lewis is the Co-Host of a Podcast Today

On the other side of the show spectrum, Jessica Lewis has embraced a multifaceted post-show journey. As a co-host of the podcast ‘Why…Lost on…?’ on ‘Rob Has A Podcast,’ Jessica delves into the intricacies of reality TV strategy, offering insights and analysis. Balancing her role as a podcast host, she continues to excel in her legal career as an attorney. In the realm of personal joys and challenges, Jessica, a devoted mother of two, shares her experiences, including the heartache of losing her dog Boomer. Her active presence on social media serves as a window into her vibrant life.

Zeke Smith is Now a Married Man

Zeke Smith, a memorable contestant who returned for ‘Survivor 34,’ not only faced the challenges of the game but also became a prominent advocate for transgender rights. When he was unexpectedly outed as transgender during the show, Zeke responded with grace, emphasizing his desire to be known for his gameplay. Since then, he has evolved into a multifaceted individual, making significant contributions as a writer and comedian. Having moved to Los Angeles, Zeke joined the GLAAD Board of Directors, showcasing his commitment to LGBTQ+ advocacy. His comedy script earned a spot on the prestigious GLAAD List, and his achievements were celebrated in the Out 100 list by The Out magazine.

Zeke’s pride story found a platform on ‘The Path of Pride’ podcast, while his influence extended to the academic sphere with talks at Stanford and Yale, as well as engagements with Raytheon. Zeke’s impact transcended television as he was featured in the Netflix documentary film, ‘Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen’ in 2020, exploring transgender representation in Hollywood. His personal life took a joyous turn when he proposed to his boyfriend Nico Santos in April 2022, eventually leading to their marriage on November 6, 2023. Zeke, in his domestic bliss, actively advocates for trans rights, blending personal happiness with a commitment to social change.

Will Wahl is now JAG Officer in the US Navy

Will Wahl has been on an impressive academic and professional trajectory since his time on the show. Graduating from Ohio State University with a degree in Public Affairs and Political Science in 2020, he recently obtained his Kentucky Bar license after graduating from Wake Forest University School of Law. Will is set to embark on a new chapter as a JAG Officer in the United States Navy, showcasing his dedication to public service. In December 2023, he celebrated another milestone by marrying Allison Wahl. His professional journey includes stints with White & Allen, Cranfill Sumner LLP, and the U.S. Department of Education – Office of Hearings and Appeals. Notably, he served as a Court-Appointed Advocate with the National CASA/GAL Association for Children until 2023.

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