Where is Dr. Amanda Little-Richardson Today?

In the recent wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a renewed respect for medical practitioners and staff all around the world, and perhaps, ‘Lenox Hill’ couldn’t have come at a better time. Nonetheless, it shows how despite global health emergencies, physicians and others within a hospital are always tasked with saving lives, on a daily basis. The documentary series highlights the same by focusing on four physicians, who in their varied capacities are motivated to ensure that they provide the best to their patients. Though the documentary was filmed majorly in 2018-19, it is timeless in what it attempts to capture. 

Who is Dr. Amanda Little-Richardson?

As ‘Lenox Hill’ introduces Dr. Amanda Little-Richardson, Chief Resident, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, can be seen in the delivery room, doing what may be a daily occurrence in a hospital but is a one of a kind experience for the parents as they welcome their child into this world. Dr. Little-Richardson is then shown to be pregnant herself, working and studying round the clock in the final year of her residency. 

What comes as a blow is when both Dr. Little-Richardson and her husband are met with the news of their unborn child having the potential to develop some kind of abnormality. While this is a source of great concern, dwelling over it is hardly something she is able to do with a hectic day, attending to deliveries one after the other. Nonetheless, both she and her family take it in stride and decide to go ahead with the pregnancy, regardless of the outcome. She talks about how she is ready to take care of her child, despite how her unborn daughter turns out to be. 

One of the moving statements she makes as she walks down a hallway filled with the photos of several physicians from the inception of the hospital is the lack of a woman of color in any of them. It essentially hints at how opportunities for individuals from the black community to become doctors only came after a given point of time in history. Furthermore, being a black woman doctor came even more later than that. Even then, she talks about the kind of economic privilege she has had because her parents could afford to put her through medical school. It is an honest take on how class and race still defines what one can really be in this world to a large degree. 

Where is Dr. Amanda Little-Richardson Now?

Dr. Amanda Little-Richardson is now a happy mother of her daughter, Ava. Though her LinkedIn profile still mentions her as a Resident Physician at Lenox Hill, she now seems to be working as an obstetrician/gynecologist at Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center.

In her profile description, she states, “I believe all women are entitled to high-quality, unbiased care, no matter sexual identity, culture, or socioeconomic background. I joined Kaiser Permanente because I know they share the same core values and are equally dedicated to excellent, compassionate, and evidence-based clinical care.” 

Although her Facebook page does not have many posts, she recently shared a post about being treated differently. On both her Twitter and Facebook page, she posted the trailer of ‘Lenox Hill.’  Hence, it seems like Dr. Little-Richardson is committed to providing women with unbiased medical care. 

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