Where is Dr. Mirtha Macri Today?

‘Lenox Hill’ weaves together a brief glimpse into the life of four physicians working in their respective fields trying to make a difference, one patient at a time. The documentary series shows the kind of openness and dedication that is required to spend more than half of one’s day working to ensure the well being of others.  In addition, it depicts the multitude of struggles that a patient undergoes when they are diagnosed with something that can alter their lives completely. Even then, there is hope, joy, tears, and steadfast determination. 

Who is Dr. Mirtha Macri?

Dr. Mirtha Macri is an ER doctor and works with the treatment of patients who arrive at the emergency department of the hospital. This is a tough spot, as one cannot really screen who comes in for treatment here, and thus, an extreme level of openness and patience is required. This is primarily because, the first point of entry for several patients is the emergency room, after which they are directed to specialists if necessary. 

Dr. Macri’s work shows another social aspect of New York itself, where she is often met by several individuals who have either been sleeping on the streets or shelter homes with a wide array of personal issues. This is significant, if one is to look at it from a socio-economic perspective, wherein underneath the blanket of development there lies poverty, bias, hunger, and the undercurrents of substance abuse. In at least two to three instances, Dr. Macri is shown to receive patients who suffer from substance abuse, which is only the tip of the iceberg. At the unfiltered end of one of the finest hospitals, the reality of what Dr. Macri encounters on a day-to-day basis is a real eye-opener. 

On the personal front, she is pregnant and quite close to her due date when the documentary focuses on her. Not only does one get to see her commitment of working long hours despite being pregnant but also the sweet moment of her giving birth to her son, Joaquim. Though motherhood is something she deeply cherishes, she can’t wait but get back to work, because that’s also where she wants to be, meeting new people and doing what she does best.

The documentary uses Dr. Macri as a subject to highlight the struggles of a doctor who not only has to juggle her professional life but also balance things on the personal end. She also speaks of the kind of compassion and sympathy one needs as a doctor to be able to do what she does every day. Dr. Macri believes that how you are as a child often defines the type of person you will be when you grow up. Additionally, coming from a Latino family, she also faces the subtle pressures of meeting the family’s cultural expectations, even though in general she has an understanding family. 

Where is Dr. Mirtha Macri Now?

Dr. Mirtha Macri doesn’t have an active social media presence, and her Instagram page is private. She currently seems to be affiliated with both Lenox Hill Hospital and Overlook Medical Center, Summit, New Jersey. Even though she has a Twitter account, she has not posted anything since 2013. In any case, one can surely hope that this driven ER physician continues to inspire others to move towards a bias-free, and open acceptance of others regardless of whatever profession one may choose. 

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